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This sections hosts articles from the different competitions covered at Soccerlens – the Carling Cup, the FA Cup, the World Cup, Euros, the Champions League and the Europa League.

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  1. Carragher call up a disgrace

    It will be a disgrace if Jamie Carragher is called up by England this afternoon. He shouldn’t even be considered. This is the man who quit his country because he couldn’t get in the first team. Yes, let me say …

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  2. 2009/2010 Premier League Review

    Congratulations then to Chelsea, who have emerged as rightful Champions, with 27 wins, 86 points, and 103 goals in the bank. For a long time this looked like the competition no-one wanted to win, but once Jose Mourinho had robbed …

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  3. Hammers – A few millionaires signing on tomorrow

    Last week a strange email arrived in the The Ball is Round inbox. Every day we are blessed with offers to become a millionaire by simply sending our bank details to the relative of an African prince or a long lost relative in dire need of my help to smuggle our long lost fortune outside of some 3rd world country, but this showed an easier route to making a million. According to this email, “leaked” by someone at the club, simply be an average journeyman footballer with a poor injury record and you too could soon be earning your million pounds per annum.

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