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La Liga

Features news coverage of La Liga, its clubs and their players including match reports, transfer rumours and club news. You can also watch La Liga live.

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  1. Have Madrid finally got their man?

    I’m not talking about Cristiano Ronaldo.  Not talking about Kaka.  Not Benzema and not about Raul Albiol and Xabi Alonso. I’m talking about Arsene Wenger.  Scratch that, I’m actually talking about Manuel Pellegrini. Throughout Florentino Perez’ epic reign last time …

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  2. A weekend to remember

    Goals galore!  Football is really back with a bang now! Let us start off with the most competitive Manchester derby that has occured since football officially began in 1992.  A lot of Red Devils out there have been begrudging the …

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  3. Football’s Greatest Clubs

    How does one go about measuring greatness in football? I mean real, obvious, blatant greatness; that rarest of qualities. Today “greatness” is such a woolly, over-used term that sometimes we lose its meaning and start labeling all sorts of mundane, …

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