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Lists on everything related to football.

  1. The Highest Earning Footballers

    We’ve looked at the world’s highest paying football clubs, but who are the world’s highest earning footballers (including bonuses and sponsorship income)? We’ve put together a short video to highlight the world’s top five highest earning footballers – who do …

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  2. Highest Football Club Wages

    Player transfer fees and their larger than life wage bills are a common topic of discussion for a football fan of today. From Wayne Rooney threatening to quit to oil-rich owners going on shopping sprees, the footballers have now become spoilt and …

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  3. Best of Soccerlens Babes in 2010

    Soccerlens Babes started as a project which will contains pictures and information about as many wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of football as possible. Later, we were tempted to putting more babes on the site so we looked for babes who …

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  4. Best of Soccerlens Shirts in 2010

    Soccerlens Shirts is the section of the blog where, as the name suggests, Soccerlens reveals, discusses, reviews football kits, shoes and other football related accessories. SL Shirts have provided you with some must-read features over the years covering signed products …

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  5. Best of Soccerlens in 2010

    2010 brought a lot of ups and downs for a football fan with Spain seeing World Cup glory, Wayne Rooney going from a special bloke from the streets to a normal bloke from the streets who wants sex and more …

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