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Lists on everything related to football.

  1. 10 Freak Goals

    The modern game’s professionalism is based around thorough tactical preparation, strict conditioning of elite athletes and rigorous research on opponents, with the game at the highest level decided by small margins. Matches and seasons can be concluded one way or …

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  2. 10 Great Footballing Chokes

    Everyone remembers the winners. Most know that Brazil have won a record five World Cups, that Real Madrid have won the European Cup/Champions League a record nine times, and that Manchester United have captured a record 19 English First Division/Premier …

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  3. The Highest Earning Footballers

    We’ve looked at the world’s highest paying football clubs, but who are the world’s highest earning footballers (including bonuses and sponsorship income)? We’ve put together a short video to highlight the world’s top five highest earning footballers – who do …

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