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Football Training

Football training and youth football coaching articles on Soccerlens.

  1. Chelsea in search for the next Asian star

    Chelsea’s Asian Soccer Star is back again this year providing groundbreaking opportunities for budding young players from Asian communities. The program offers the chance for players to win a place at the Chelsea Academy trials this summer and has already …

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  2. How To Train Like Lionel Messi

    Earlier this week we reviewed the new Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite and discussed how important it was not only to have the best footwear when you’re playing the beautiful game but also how one needed to pick the right …

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  3. Soccer Rules

    To ensure fair play in all of the lands, the world’s governing body of football, FIFA, have laid down a set of rules for all to follow. Instead of letting people of the different regions of the world to mold …

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  4. Soccer Positions

    The eleven men fielded on a soccer pitch are assigned to specific positions in accordance to their specialties. Some of the most common soccer positions are: Sweeper Center Fullback Left/Right Fullback Wingback Left/Right Midfielder Defensive Midfielder Central Midfielder The Winger …

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  5. Soccerlens Videos

    Welcome to the new Football Videos section on Soccerlens. Here you’ll see all the latest video highlights from matches as well as lots more football video content from around the web. To get started, you can also check out the …

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  6. The Importance of Football Fitness

    Is Football Fitness needed for Team Success? The majority of the population, including the soccer community would argue yes. So the question still stands, is football fitness required for football success? Does anybody know? Scientists have conducted a few experiments …

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  7. Castrol Challenge Ronaldo

    Do you have what it takes to compete against the world’s greatest footballer? Are you a speed demon or are you a step-over star? Your chance to stand up and prove yourself is here. Castrol, the lubricant company and sponsor …

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