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Football Betting

Articles and information on football odds and betting. Includes advice on claiming free football bets online.

  1. What is Matched Betting?

    Matched betting is a betting technique used to take advantage of free bet promotions offered by online bookmakers to make essentially risk-free profits. It involves putting down money on both sides of a two-outcome bet: ‘placing’ the free bet at …

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  2. Who will be the top African nation?

    It is only in recent times that African nations have risen to prominence on football’s World stage, most notably thorough their performances at the World Cup. Apart from Egypt’s participation in the 1934 tournament, it was not until 1970 when …

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  3. Shootout in the Sky

    England’s goalkeeping legend Peter Shilton and former Chelsea fullback Graeme Le Saux go head-to-head 200ft. above London to shoot start the biggest single prize in sports betting history – $100 million. This spectacle is being staged by to mark …

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