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Best of SL

This section features the best articles written on Soccerlens. If there are articles that you think should be added to this list, please nominate them through this page.

  1. 09/10 Europa League Review

    It is easy to forget that this season’s Europa League was in its inaugural year. After picking up an undesirable yet understandable reputation as the Champions League ‘sinferior little brother, Michel Platini oversaw the rebranding of what we once called, …

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  2. 09/10 Bundesliga Review

    For a long time, European football fans regarded the Bundesliga as the backwater home of poor defending and psychotic goalkeepers.  It was a league that lived in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbours: Serie A, La Liga, and the …

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  3. 2009/2010 Premier League Review

    Congratulations then to Chelsea, who have emerged as rightful Champions, with 27 wins, 86 points, and 103 goals in the bank. For a long time this looked like the competition no-one wanted to win, but once Jose Mourinho had robbed …

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  4. The Shakhtar Syndrome

    One year ago, an unusually reckless observer suggested that Shakhtar Donetsk, pride of Ukraine’s coal-mining Donbass region, were digging themselves into a hole at a rate which would have had Alexey Stakhanov going weak at the knees. One UEFA Cup …

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  5. Footballers as Christmas Characters

    With Christmas season in full swing and a completely, utterly depressing past few weeks of sports news for me, (Roy Halladay being traded to the Phillies, Liverpool football club as a whole, rumours of Steven Gerrard being sold) I thought …

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  6. Footballers in Films

    The two latest Soccerlens podcasts [1, 2] have seen Clarkey & Spraggy trying to tickle your funny bone with their suggestions for the film remakes they’d like to see football folk in. It’s been a hit-and-miss feature so far, so …

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