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Best of SL

This section features the best articles written on Soccerlens. If there are articles that you think should be added to this list, please nominate them through this page.

  1. Best of Soccerlens in 2010

    2010 brought a lot of ups and downs for a football fan with Spain seeing World Cup glory, Wayne Rooney going from a special bloke from the streets to a normal bloke from the streets who wants sex and more …

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  2. 11 Footballers on Film

    With the amount of simulation in the modern game, one would think that many footballers would do quite well as actors. But as the following list shows, very few have made the transition into film and the results, to be …

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  3. Football’s 10 Biggest Playboys

    With all the money and fame that being a superstar footballer brings, it is not exactly difficult for the modern player to find a woman. But as the following list of football’s biggest playboys shows, sometimes one is not enough. …

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  4. 10 Great Penalties

    Penalties are a unique experience in football simply because the kicker is expected to score. It is an intense psychological moment, offering a glimpse into the mind and personality of the kicker, particularly at important moments like the final of …

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  5. 10 Outrageous Disallowed Goals

    Accepting that there is no greater feeling in football than scoring a goal, it could be assumed that there is no worse feeling than having one chalked off. Just ask Sol Campbell. Unlike Campbell’s efforts against Argentina in 1998 and …

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  6. 10 Famous Debatable Goals

    It’s a well-known moniker in football that “goals change games”. But the impact can be cataclysmic when the goal should never have been allowed to stand. Here are ten goals that will give players and supporters a legitimate reason to bleat “if only!” for decades to come.

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  7. Soccerlens Review: The 09/10 Season

    The 2009/2010 football season has been a rollercoaster ride of thrills, spills and tragi-comic falls as it builds up to the summer’s main event, the World Cup. The memory of Blackpool’s monumental triumph is still fresh, and the sight of …

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  8. Football Eye Candy

    With the World Cup just 20 odd days away we thought to ourselves what could we offer to our loyal community to pass the time until the kick off (twiddling your thumbs and having a pint down the local will …

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  9. 09/10 Europa League Review

    It is easy to forget that this season’s Europa League was in its inaugural year. After picking up an undesirable yet understandable reputation as the Champions League ‘sinferior little brother, Michel Platini oversaw the rebranding of what we once called, …

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