Sunder, Sunder, SUNDERLAND, HO!

Sunder, Sunder, SUNDERLAND, HO!


Ever since I saw the scoreline for Sunderland’s win against Norwich yesterday, the above title has been ringing around in my head. There’s always the uplifting effect that a new manager has on the club and yes, many of the mid-table clubs in the Premier League haven’t fared too well of late, but Sunderland’s sustained success in the last couple of months is heartening.

And then, this morning I saw the following ‘league table’ from Opta – looking at the Premier League since December 11:

As they say, the league table doesn’t lie. Sunderland have been best ‘form’ team since Martin O’Neill took charge. It’s certainly worth celebrating (and maybe even a cringe-worthy headline or two).

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  1. I was expecting a lot of Sunderland coming into this season, thought they had a real chance to finish in the top seven. They’ve spent enough to make such a challenge, and now they have a manager to maximize the talent they have and put them in position for a place in Europe.

    Just imagine if they’d had him at the start of the season, they could be right there with Newcastle and their chances for Europe would be looking very, very good. Next season though, next season.

  2. Sunderland was forced on to us this week and it was everything we thought it would be.
    Crappy cowfield, limited technical players letting the pressure ride out and attacking on quick counters and a few set pieces.

    When people say they watch the Barclays, the dont mean Stoke, Sunderland, Wigan, Wolves, West Brom, etc.
    Its the 5-6 money clubs that can afford good foreigners.

    I watched U=15 tournament after this last game and saw better skills there.

    I might as well watch the MLS if this garbage is on.

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