Suarez goal vs Arsenal – how are they even in the Premier...

Suarez goal vs Arsenal – how are they even in the Premier League?


From the Guardian match report:

Arsenal do not start playing until they are behind. Theirs has been a wacky, impossible-to-fathom brand of football in recent weeks and a sprint through the emotions seemingly comes as standard.”

David Hytner is being kind. The team bereft of confidence and is completely reactive – muddled by insecurities to the extent that only extreme pressure and fear can shake them out of their misery. Till then, while they still care, they’re too distracted to do their jobs.

See Suarez’s goal below (again). Horrible defending. What are you doing in Europe?

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  1. arsenal is not a serious team that people should support. the board and wenger should go for new administration to come else arsenal will never and ever win any cup again. it is two things, either the one above or they should spend for quality players else doom for arsenal every season. shame to the captain and sagna for arsenal failure yesterday. change for the better, go for one striker,one defensive midfielder and one quality center defender, with this all arsenal problems are solve.

    • arsenal need new development, so change is what we the supporters need. splash the money on experience and quality players to promote the team to a higher level. arsenal deserve better than what wenger and the board are doing.too much economics brings nothing good to the team,so wenger should change his ideology to help bring smiles into the faces of we the supporters. we will never be happy with the board and wenger unless they change their mentality. all the best for some players,(wilshere, carzola,podolski,walcolt.

  2. I wonder how our shit defence gonna fare against Beyern Munich? I will not watch this match not just bcos I have no faith in Arsenal beating Beyern but our ability 2 defend; jittery goalkeeper plus shit back 4 having no strong defensive midfielder 2 shield them. I know the canny 60+ old frugal manager gonna struggle with his zip n cry n shall accept blame afterwards. But could someone warn this 60+ old manager who has outlived his usefulness at the club that he can’t no longer toy with our hearts n that one day gonna be bad 4 him; 4get about going 2 prison.

  3. I am a Spurs fan and have to say that all Arsenal’s problems stem from the upper level board down to the manager. If u buy shit players based on cheapskate spending ur gonna have a BAD TIME! Lmao! Anyhow, I really feel bad for what the mighty Arsenal have become, but that is the way the wheel of fortune turns sometimes…U need a reality check to ensure a transformation for the better.. Good luck Gunners and Gooners..wont see u guys in Europe anytime soon when this season ends and u have your management to thank for that…

  4. Lol, as if EPL defending is brilliant. Arsenal’s defending may be generally awful now (I bet they’re missing Song now!), but even by that standard they belong in PL.

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