Soccerlens Podcast – Survival Sunday, Manchester United’s banner season, Wenger’s future at...

Soccerlens Podcast – Survival Sunday, Manchester United’s banner season, Wenger’s future at Arsenal and more


On episode twelve of the Soccerlens Podcast, Stephen Darwin is joined by the founder of EPL Talk, Chris Harris to discuss the final day of the Premier League and of course that intriguing relegation scrap.

The show will be looking specifically at Manchester United and their unprecedented success, Newcastle’s woeful season, the future for Wenger and Arsenal, the remarkable work of Roy Hodgson at Fulham and Chris also offers his tips for the drop.

Among the points of discussion raised with Chris Harris were:

  • What Benitez must do to catch Ferguson
  • Emmanuel Adebayor and his value to Arsenal
  • Aston Villa, Everton and the Europa League
  • Tottenham’s chances of a ‘big four’ invasion
  • The promoted Championship clubs and their chances of survival
  • Plus more on top of that!

Show Details
Date: Friday 22nd May 2009
Host: Stephen Darwin
Guest: Chris Harris

You can listen to the show below:
Download link (mp3, 28mb, 30 mins)

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  1. Talk about United? more, like talk about Liverpool not being as good. They are acting like Liverpool are the best thing since sliced bread, may I remind you how badly United were at the start of the season, how many injuries and how many games they’ve had do play, Liverpool have not had any of these challenges to face with the only injuries to two of their good players and if they had played the same number of matches as United, they would be miles behind the top.United went for 5 trophies, Liveprool went for 1 and STILL didn’t win it! Plus the introduction of Berbatov hampered United somewhat since they he needed to settle which took some time. Next year United will be nowhere near as bad and the league will get used to Liverpool and they will be found out… plus they wont be able to get 6 points from United 😉

  2. Woohoo and it was Man Utd that won the champion and Liverpool gets nothing once again =P

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