Soccerlens 2008 Awards Winners

Soccerlens 2008 Awards Winners


And the winners are…

The Soccerlens Awards recognize excellence in football blogging. After the great success of the 2007 edition, SL readers and editors gathered again to choose among 20 different awards categories and crown the best out of over a hundred quality football sites.

Yes people, YOU voted (over 16,000 times) for your favorite blogs. The Soccerlens Awards provides you, the public, with the opportunity to give props to those who have kept you informed, amused, and entertained for the past year. The writers who have made you laugh, those who have made you cry, and all those kickass blogs of footy goodness that no matter how hard your boss screams, you just can’t keep away from at work.

Just like last year, there are two winners for each category in the SL Awards: a Readers’ Choice (voted by you) and an Editors’ Choice. That is our way of saying “we’ll give you the public a right to vote, but if we don’t like who you vote for we’ll still get to pick the guy sitting on the president’s chair”. :mrgreen:

But seriously guys, both choices bear equal weight. It’s just that we are so nice here at SL, we don’t want anyone to be left out. In some cases, the Readers and the Editors selected the same winners. However, more often than not, the Readers and Editors selected different winners, and we’ll leave it for you to decide who made the better choice. 😉

And so, after two weeks of intense voting and behind-the-scenes deliberations we’ve selected the winners of the 2008 Soccerlens Awards. What we have here is a solid collection of some of the best football sites in the blogosphere. Organzing this ceremony sure was no easy feat, but we definitely hope you like the final product. For us, it was well worth the effort.

Best British Football Blog Of 2008

And we don’t mean the best blog based in Britain, but rather the best blog covering UK football (i.e. English or Scottish Premiership… no we’re not counting you Ireland/Wales!! Get interesting already!!)

Readers’ Choice: Republik Of Mancunia.

ROM offers the best in news on Manchester United with a mix of daily news coverage and insightful commentary. Scott puts a lot of time and effort in his articles, and it shows in the support he got for these awards.

Runner Up: EPL Talk.

Editors’ Choice: Two Hundred Percent.

If you want a) the big picture on where English football stands and where it’s going and b) news about all tiers of English football – then Ian’s the man for you. Possibly the most well-rounded blog in terms of covering English football from top to bottom.

Runner Up: The Spoiler.

Best World Football Blog Of 2008

The best football blog to cover non-UK football, or at the very least not restricted to UK football. You may call this the “Soccerlens Ultimate Award”, or SUA.

And the SUA goes to…

Readers’ Choice: The Offside.

This isn’t really a surprise, is it? The Offside has the broadest and most in-depth news coverage of football around the world with dozens of writers working day and night to make it the best football blog around.

Runner Up: La Liga Loca.

Editors’ Choice: The Offside.

We admit it, we’re in love with The Offside too. If they keep winning like this, we’ll need to retire the award some day.

Runner Up: 101 Great Goals.

Best Football Blog Design Of 2008

The football blog which, by its artistic beauty, extreme Web 2.0-design, and ultra-fast loading speed puts Chris Pearson to shame.

Readers’ Choice: Kickette.

Designed by Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated, Kickette is the premier site for female football fans, and the new skin just pops off the screen. Kudos.

Runner Up: Premiership Talk.

Editors’ Choice: Studs Up.

I think we’re going to have to send this one directly to Michael, as Studs Up is another one of Fully Illustrated’s works of art. Studs Up is cool, the design makes it that much cooler.

Runner Up: This Is American Soccer.

Best New Football Blog of 2008

To be eligible, a football blog must have been created after 1 Jan 08. Or in other words: the “Rookie of the Season” award.

Readers’ Choice: The Chelsea Blog.

The Chelsea Blog has established itself as one of the best sites for Chelsea-related news and opinion in a short period of time, no mean feat considering that they’re up against some of the best in Ole Ole’s Chelsea blog and Blue Champions.

Runner Up: Premiership Talk.

Editors’ Choice: Premiership Talk.

PT is not even an year old yet and is already a reliable and comprehensive source for football news. Well done Brian.

Runner Up: Off The Post.

Best Football Podcast of 2008

The day when technology granted us football fans the ability to rant not only in writing, but through the repeated use of our vocal chords, was both a blessing and a curse. This award recognizes the most blessed (or least cursed) football podcast.

Readers’ Choice: Arsecasts.

The most popular Arsenal blog, the strongest online community, and one of the oldest football blogs around. Is it any wonder the Arsecasts are the undisputed winners?

Runner Up: Non-League Podcast (BBC London).

Editors’ Choice: Arsecasts.

Votes apart, the Arsecast is a quality podcast and non-Arsenal fans should give it a listen to decide for themselves (although I imagine bias trumps common sense, so you might be better off with Chris below).

Runner Up: Chris Harris (EPL Talk).

Best Football Blog Community of 2008

Let’s face it people: us bloggers would have one hell of tough(er) job if there was no one to read and comment on our daily footy ramblings. This award recognizes the best football blog community, both in quantity AND quality.

Ahmed’s Note: NUFC Blog won the popular vote but were disqualified from the Readers’ Choice award after a couple of their readers cheated (and admitted to doing so on NUFC Blog). I’m sorry Ed, we’ve taken measures to ensure that this can’t happen again in the future.

Readers’ Choice: Arseblog.

Not hard to see this one coming. Arseblog truly is one of most popular communities around.

Runner Up: Kickette.

Editors’ Choice: Arseblog.

Runner Up: NUFC Blog.

Vote-rigging aside, NUFC Blog is the #1 community for Newcastle fans and Ed has done a fantastic job in building the site up.

Best Football Forum of 2008

A wise man here at Soccerlens decided to keep the “Blog Community” and “Football Forum” awards separate. When asked why, the wise man replied “because a blog’s a blog and a forum’s a forum”. Nuff said.

Readers’ Choice: Soccerpulse.

Soccerpulse is the first name we think of when we think ‘football forums’, and from the votes it seems that plenty of other voters think the same.

Runner Up: BigSoccer Forum.

Editors’ Choice: Soccerpulse.

Running a forum is a serious business, and making one as popular and universally loved as SoccerPulse is damned-near impossible. Props to Chris and the team for making SoccerPulse into what it is today.

Runner Up: BigSoccer Forum.

Best Football Blogger of 2008

Award recognizing the best individual writer. Give props to the guy (or girl!) who regularly blows you away with his/her razor-sharp wits, dead-on tactical analysis, or overwhelming bits of interesting/pointless-but-equally-funny footy news.

Readers’ Choice: Gerry McDonnell (GM Football).

Gerry’s column here on Soccerlens was possibly last season’s most popular column . If you miss his entertaining style and wit, be sure to follow his blog.

Runner Up: Laurie (The Offside).

Editors’ Choice: Brian Phillips (Run Of Play).

This is the most difficult award to give out. We’re huge fans of Laurie and Brian, and Tim is just fantastic anyway. Unfortunately only one blogger can win this, otherwise this would have been a three-way tie.

Brian, congratulations, you’re the best blogger this year. Laurie and Tim – sorry to see you guys miss out, best of luck for next season.

Runner Up: Laurie (The Offside).

Best New Football Blogger of 2008

Also an individual writer award. To be eligible, a football blogger must have started blogging after 1 Jan 08. A “Rookie of the Season, part 2” award, if you will.

Readers’ Choice: Chris Taylor (It’ll Be Off).

Chris is a freelance writer who blogs about FC United and football in general – and hopefully we’ll be seeing him do some guest commentary on Soccerlens in 2009.

Runner Up: Alessio (Juve Offside).

Editors’ Choice: Fredorrarci (Sport Is A Show).

Alan Shearer is dead! Alan Shearer is dead! Long live Alan!

On a serious note (as if that’s ever possible), Fredorrarci is hilarious, outrageous and spot on with almost everything he says. As with Brian, a richly-deserved award.

Runner Up: Alessio (Juve Offside).

Best Football WAGs site of 2008

Looking for the latest Abbey Clancy spread, bikini pics of Nereida Gallardo (C-Ron, you dumbass!!), or ANY picture of Sylvie Van der Vaart? This award recognizes the best resource for WAG goodness.

Readers’ Choice: Kickette.

Kickette is the #1 source for anyone looking for the latest news and gossip on WAGs around the world.

Runner Up: TheSpoiler.

Editors’ Choice: TheSpoiler.

And if you’re looking exclusively for the photo galleries, The Spoiler has got your back (and then some).

Runner Up: WAGS Blog.

Best Football Goals Site of 2008

Best resource for goal videos and clips. No, YouTube isn’t nominated. If you could, would you really want to vote for a site where FIFA/UEFA clips are removed faster than the José puppet can say “I’m fantastic”?

Readers’ Choice: 101 Great Goals.

101 Great Goals, along with FootyTube, is synonymous with ‘football goals’ and football videos.

Runner Up: Timesoccer.

Editors’ Choice: 101 Great Goals.

FootyTube is a great site, but 101’s greater football coverage gets it the nod. Top stuff.

Runner Up: Footytube.

Best Media Blogger of 2008

Award for the best mainstream media blogger/journalist. Essentially, your favorite writer from the BBC, Guardian, Independent, Times, Fox Sports, etc.

Readers’ Choice: Bobby McMahon (Fox Sports).

You know how footballers who don’t make it to the top level are often better pundits than those who do make it? Bobby McMahon (no offense to the man) may not have been a crack footballer but he’s an excellent pundit and football writer.

Runner Up: Tim Vickery (BBC Sport).

Editors’ Choice: Bobby McMahon (Fox Sports).

Runner Up: Marcela Mora y Araujo (Guardian).

Best Football Game of 2008

This can be live action (FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, etc.) or management (Football Manager, etc.). Let’s face it: if we had separated this into two categories, FM would have stolen the term “landslide victory” away from Obama this year.

Readers’ Choice: FIFA 09.

The FIFA series has improved massively in the last couple of years with EA Sports working hard to make the game more ‘real’. It’s worked out well and FIFA 09 pretty much beats it’s other console rival, PES 09.

Runner Up: Football Manager 09.

Editors’ Choice: Football Manager 09.

More players, football now in 3D and a host of small improvements that make FM 09 a must-get for FM enthusiasts. FIFA may still be the game of choice if you’re with friends looking for quick entertainment, but FM is the only game for serious football gamers.

Runner Up: FIFA 09.

Best Online Football Game of 2008

Strictly and exclusively ONLINE games. Video-games with an online multiplayer option (e.g. FIFA, PES) are not eligible for this category.

Readers’ Choice: Hattrick.

Possibly the most popular online football game along with the excellent OFM.

Runner Up: Online Football Manager.

Editors’ Choice: Online Football Manager.

We’ve tried other online footy games but we keep coming back to OFM – it’s simple, it’s addictive and it’s brilliant.

Runner Up: Football Manager Live.

Best Fantasy Football Game of 2008

My friend Tim doesn’t understand the concept of a “balanced team”. Tim always blows his entire budget buying three overpriced strikers, ends up with a goalkeeper like Massimo Taibi and then wonders why he loses every game 5-0. We hope the people who voted in this award aren’t like Tim.

Readers’ Choice: Times PlayTheGame Fantasy Football.

PlayTheGame isn’t the simplest of fantasy football games but it’s easily the most innovative and much loved by hardcore fantasy football fans.

Runner Up: Fantasy Premier League Football.

Editors’ Choice: Fantasy Premier League Football.

The Premier League’s fantasy football offering keeps it simple and does it best. Perfect for a more ‘hands-off’ approach and for newcomers to fantasy football.

Runner Up: Times PlayTheGame Fantasy Football

Best Football Shirt of 2008

This award recognizes the most beautiful shirt (club or national team) of the year 2008. To be eligible, it must have been used during the current year, so “Spain’s Euro 2008” shirt is IN, but Jorge Campos’ attempts at redefining goalkeeper fashion are OUT.

Readers’ Choice: Bayern Munich 2007-08 Home.

The Bayern, United and Spain shirts were in a very close contest but ultimately the Bayern shirt won out, and fairly too – on the pitch it’s probably the better looking of all 3.

Runner Up: Man Utd 2008-09 – 3rd kit (blue) & Spain Euro 2008 Home.

Editors’ Choice: Bayern Munich 2007-08 Home.

Runner Up: Marseille 2008-09 Away.

Best Football Player of 2008

The best player of 2008. Call it a “FIFA World Player of the Year” award à la sauce Soccerlens. Minus you know, the pricey silverware and hot female models presenting it (although Ahmed is available upon request).

Readers’ Choice: Cristiano Ronaldo.

For all his faults, it seems like more people like Ronaldo than they like Messi. Ok, I know that’s not true, but at least he didn’t win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, did he?

Runner Up: Lionel Messi.

Editors’ Choice: Cristiano Ronaldo.

The numbers say that Messi was more influential per game whereas Ronaldo was more influential through the course of the season. Numbers say a lot of things, in this case 2 titles to 1.

Runner Up: Lionel Messi.

Best Football Team of 2008

This award recognizes the best club or national team of 2008. Call me crazy, but at the time the nominations were published I predicted either the UEFA Champions League or Euro 2008 champions were gonna win this one.

Readers’ Choice: Manchester United.

English and European Champions, it’s hard to contest against this one but nonetheless people will argue that Spain were the better team, albeit only for 3 weeks. The popular vote suggests otherwise.

Runner Up: Spain.

Editors’ Choice: Manchester United.

How do you measure the performances of a team? By percentage of wins? By the number of trophies? By the tough and trying circumstances in which victory was achieved? By the number of games played? It’s not an easy choice and your decision may change depending on which factors you consider the most important.

For us, it comes down to this: who went up against teams better than themselves and came out on the other side as winners? United’s Champions League triumph is built on beating teams bigger and possibly better than themselves, and it’s not something Spain can lay claim to.

Runner Up: Spain.

Best Live Football Site of 2008

The best website providing access to live football matches. Can be commercial (e.g. Setanta broadband) or P2P (e.g.

Readers’ Choice: Live Soccer TV. gives you the latest tv schedules for live games for US and Canada. Although not necessarily a ‘provider’ of live football games, they nevertheless provide a very useful service.

Runner Up:

Editors’ Choice:

The premier site for live football streams (and other sports), hands down.

Runner Up: Setanta Broadband.

Best Football Betting Site of 2008

Betting odds, betting tips, maximization of earnings, etc. The terror of the housewife and paradise of the modern football gambler.

Readers’ Choice: OLBG.

Online Betting Guide (OLBG) is a comprehensive resource for football betting and one of the most popular betting sites around.

Runner Up: Betfair.

Editors’ Choice: OLBG.

We’ve discussed this before – not all the top sites on football betting were included in the nominations. Of those that were, OLBG (and Betfair) stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of providing useful betting advice to their readers.

Runner Up: Betfair.

Design Credits:

Major props to Randa Clay for her impressive design work on the award graphics.

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  1. For the Best New Blog and Best New Blogger, I hear there’s a brand spanking new blog over at and it’s written by a guy who didn’t even know what a ‘blog’ was until July of this year :)

    What dya mean ‘self-praise is no praise’? I’m just putting ideas in your heads 😉

  2. Nice contest, but you dropped put some useful sites and very quality blogs. On the other hand I have impression that you favorite sites which have ads on soccerlens. Anyway, good idea.

    P.S In new blogs section you have some blogs from 2003.

  3. Ed wrote:
    Nice contest, but you dropped put some useful sites and very quality blogs. On the other hand I have impression that you favorite sites which have ads on soccerlens.

    Have you read the little paragraph below the “TIMELINE” heading Ed?

    I quote:
    “For the last two weeks of November, readers were asked to send in nominations for their favorite site(s) according to the 20 categories below. Our Editing Staff then compiled a list of 6 nominees for each category, based on a combination of reader suggestions and our own research.”

    Feel free to send in your nominations for next year. Besides, any type of awards contest is bound to be subjective. Just like for nominations, readers are expressing an opinion when voting for their favorite sites. Opinions will very often differ across people.

    Ed wrote:
    P.S In new blogs section you have some blogs from 2003.

    No we don’t. All the nominated websites have started blogging full-time from January 2008 onwards.

    Soccercity was created in December 2007, but has only 5 posts for December, while The Chelsea Blog has a few posts for October/November 2007, but skipped the entire month of December. Effectively, they have been on the “blog map” since early January.

  4. Ed, your comment hasn’t been removed and in your ‘opportunity to answer’ you merely claim to not have the ‘opportunity to answer’, instead of using your opportunity and answering. It’s the oldest and easiest complaint in the book to cry favouritism, but lets be realistic; yeah you may see some nominations from sites you recognise from Soccerlens links/writers, but surely a competition on Soccerlens, voted for by Soccerlens readers, will include sites that are easy to come across for Soccerlens readers.

    This competition seems more than fair to me and that comes from someone who is proudly a nominee in one of the categories, but who is failing miserably in the voting. Am I complaining and shouting ‘fix’? No. I’m humbly accepting that, work as hard as I do on my blog, I’m either too new or simply not as good as those who’re doing better than me.


    PS I’ve never been one for conspiracy theories, not sure if that shows :)

  5. Ok, here is my point. If you organize contest you owe to your visitors to nominee the best in the categoty. For example, my very good friend nominated and it isn’t in category best betting sites. Also, one of the oldest and the most influenced sites in that category isn’t on the list. Or, In the same time is nominated. It has a banner on soccerlens and it’s paid service, while all other sites, I mentioned, have a free betting tips and have more then a five times more visitors then Their visitors could be your readers, as well. Also, you nominated, because fantasy betting competition at soccerlens is powered by Some other sites like or have a more players in fantasy betting competitions and have monthly prizes for more then a year.
    If you want to nominee sites related to soccerlens then you should make title Best betting sites related to Soccerlens. I think that you owe to your loyalty visitors, as I am, to nominate the best sites in the category.

  6. Nice to see a distinct lack of Scottish sites in your Best of British Blogs. The whole point of putting down British is to choose from Scottish, English Welsh and Irish sites. Otherwise it will just be the Best of English Blogs which seems to have happened.

    Plenty of good sites out there covering Scottish Football and with better designs and writers out there than some that have been picked by your staff members.

    You’ve falsely advertised the Best of British Blog at any rate as you specifically stopped Irish and Welsh sites from being submitted from the start – typical blinded views that if its not English its not great. Shame on the staff and shame on Soccerlens. No back bone no thoughts of your own – you spend more time pervving over WAGs than you do talking bout football – just proves to everyone that the site is nothing but a w@nk fest for teenage boys.

  7. I always find it funny when people jump at the opportunity to criticize, but never seem able to provide valid alternatives.

    Andy wrote:
    Plenty of good sites out there covering Scottish Football and with better designs and writers out there than some that have been picked by your staff members.

    NAME them.

    Andy wrote:
    You’ve falsely advertised the Best of British Blog at any rate as you specifically stopped Irish and Welsh sites from being submitted from the start – typical blinded views that if its not English its not great

    Now see, I always thought that having a sense of humour was a quality many people in Britain were endowed with. Not your case apparently.

    My “no we’re not counting you Ireland/Wales!” description in the “Best British Blog” category was a JOKE Andy, and I’m sorry if you’re not laughing. However, all due respect to our Irish and Welsh friends, I could cite football divisions from Latvia and Lithuania who are more interesting than the FAI Premier Division or the Welsh Premier League. When it comes to football popularity, the Wales and Ireland FAs aren’t exactly cream of the crop. Mind you, I’m not talking about Welsh & Irish players: they have plenty of talent to sell, but alas the best ones always seem to end up playing in the EPL.

    With that said, if you are able to find me a blog which not only talks about the Welsh/Irish football divisions, but manages to make it interesting and entertaining, feel free to nominate it for next year’s award.

    I’ll leave Ahmed to answer Ed’s comments.

  8. Andy – if people don’t nominate, sites don’t show up. Let’s do this – you give me a list of the best scottish football blogs / sites / writers here, and they’ll be considered for next year’s awards. The rest, really, take a deep breath and relax, the conspiracy is all in your head.

  9. Ed,

    If you organize contest you owe to your visitors to nominee the best in the categoty.

    You’re absolutely right, and I admit that not every single site is considered when selecting the nominees for each category. One, it’s not possible to know of all sites and two, it’s possible that your opinion may differ with mine on which sites merit being included and vice versa.

    In any case, your assumptions that sites that are related to Soccerlens are automatically not any good is unfair to the sites in question and worse, totally ignores the relationships Soccerlens has with many, many websites in the football blogosphere.

    We’ve been around for over 2.5 years now and over that period of time I come to know hundreds of webmasters, bloggers, writers and marketers online. Many of the people / sites nominated here, I know them personally. You may think that means there’s favouritism involved but it’s the complete opposite of that – I know the merits of these sites and people and that is precisely why they were included.

    Not all nominations were included – some had to be dropped because they either received too few nominations or because of editorial decisions. And again, some sites weren’t nominated, so hopefully you can nominate them now / next year and we’ll consider them then.

    For the betting sites – it’s not as easy as saying ‘if you’re related in anyway to SL you can’t be nominated for the awards’ because again, we know more than half the people nominated here and we’ve worked with most of them. If Rob Parker (Off the Post) or Scott (ROM) writes an article for Soccerlens, does it disqualify their blogs from the awards?

    However I hope you understand that the number of sites you’ve mentioned, almost none of them were nominated. If they had been, they would all have been considered (and they will be for next year). We worked with what was nominated or in case there were no nominations we worked through our best knowledge.

    i accept your concerns about the betting sites specifically and hopefully we will do a better job of picking sites next time. I assure you though, there has been no favouritism here.

  10. Thanks on your in deep answer. I agree with almost everything you said except one thing. It is absolutely unfair to nominate sites regarding how many nominations they have. I am said my friend nominated site I also prefer, so I think that it isn’t necessary to nominate it again. I expected to see it in your list or there will be some other very big names in that category in front it. I really disappointed when I saw that there isn’t any criteria when you choose nominated sites. So, what was the criteria? If criteria is that some sites you like some don’t, that was I said, exactly. Maybe you like them because they have ad at Soccerlens or from other reason I don’t know. I just wondered about criteria. At the end of the story Soccerlens is your blog and you have right to do what you want to do, but my expectations were that competition will be between the best sites, not between sites you like.

  11. Ed,

    The portion you disagree with is this:

    Not all nominations were included – some had to be dropped because they either received too few nominations or because of editorial decisions. And again, some sites weren’t nominated..

    To clarify, an editorial decision means whether we think a site merits being in the top 6 or not. It has NOTHING to do with like or dislike, and EVERYTHING to do with how the editorial team evaluates each site / blogger. To give you a personal example, several of my friends in the football blogosphere missed out on nominations because honestly, their sites weren’t good enough (regardless of what they might think so themselves).

    For categories that get a lot of nominations (such as the blog community or best british blog category) we looked at both number of nominations and quality of sites (the first criteria made it easier to narrow down the list because there were a lot of good sites in there, including a couple of sites on Scottish football).

    For the betting category, we had few nominations so the number of nominations criteria did not apply, it was purely an editorial decision.

    Listen, we’re not going to get it right every time, I know that and like you’ve said, the best sites across the category should be included, not just sites we know of.

    So please help us make it better next year, with the football betting category and with the rest of the awards as well.

  12. Ahmed wrote “Andy – if people don’t nominate, sites don’t show up. Let’s do this – you give me a list of the best scottish football blogs / sites / writers here, and they’ll be considered for next year’s awards”

    Ahmed, can I nominate my blog then. Inside Left ( Easily the best Scottish football blog out there eh, Andy 😉

    Looking forward to the nomination next year!

  13. Hi Soccerlens, I have been visit your site about once a week and it has been over year now. I have seen your previous awards which was the first and i must say this year is a huge improvement and expension.

    However, I have some suggestions for next year’s awards, namely, best soccer boot/brand. Best soccer news. Best save of the year.

    Hope to see them in the awards and looking forward to next year’s awards.


  14. Markus – best soccer boot sounds interesting – tell you what, when we do the nominations next year, keep an eye out and make your suggestions again then.


  15. Hi Ahmed,

    First of all, I’d like to second ‘Inside Left’ for a nomination in next year’s ‘Best British Blog’ category. It really is an excellent site with some great writing and thoroughly deserves to be included on merit.

    Secondly on the subject of the ‘Best British Blog’ category, I wonder if you’d consider splitting it into two sub-categories? As my co-bloggers and I at ‘Some People Are On The Pitch’ have already discussed, blog sites which support a specific team can often have a far bigger and more partizan following than a general football site like ours. The siege mentality which those ‘club’ sites have ultimately translates into a larger proportion of the votes that are cast.

    This was seen quite clearly in this year’s ‘Best British Blog’ award that went to ‘Republik of Mancunia’. Before I go on, I’d like to congratulate them on winning as they took the prize on merit without a shadow of a doubt, but our site (and many others, I fear) would never have stood an earthly chance of winning as our fan base isn’t as big.

    Could you therefore have ‘Best British Club Blog’ and ‘Best British General Blog’ categories next year, please? I know I sound desperate for us to win something at any rate – believe me I’m not as our last two unsuccessful campaigns leave me thinking that we probably won’t ever win anything anyway. I just think this change in the categorisation would make things fairer for all concerned.

  16. Huh, no whingeing here from me! I just wanted to offer some praise to the editors for noticing Marcela Mora y Araujo’s beautifully written and always insightful commentary on the game.

    She’s not flashy, flowery, or needlessly critical in her analysis of the game and the endless circus surrounding it, which is particularly refreshing amongst the crowd of English/British journos all wanting to be the wittiest on the Guardian website. Thanks for including her in your list!

  17. TheGroundsman – that’s exactly why she’s there, unpretentious, insightful and pure quality.

    Chris – the Editor’s Choice category is there to compensate for the scenario you described. However, I think next year we’ll drop the blog community category and have a ‘best club blog’ category instead, it’s essentially the same thing anyway (would loved to have seen arseblog, ROM and nufcblog go up against each other).

  18. Hi Ahmed,

    First up, thank you very much for the Editor’s Choice award. It means a great deal to me, and I’d like to offer my congratulations to all of the other winners. I’d like to echo Chris’ comments that the “Best Blog” award should be sub-divided into club blogs and general blogs. Good luck to everybody for next year!



  19. Hi Ahmed,

    Congratulations on your successful awards. I would have liked to have submitted the Onion Bag this year ( but as a comedy website, I wasn’t certain which category to put it in. Could you offer me any advice for next year or consider a doing comedy award if you felt it was appropriate?

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