Sneijder Snubbed As Barcelona Trio Make Ballon d’Or Shortlist

Sneijder Snubbed As Barcelona Trio Make Ballon d’Or Shortlist


For the first time since 1989, one single club can boast the honour of employing all three players named on FIFA’s 2010 Ballon d’Or shortlist.

21 years ago, AC Milan achieved the feat when legendary triumvirate Franco Baresi, Frank Rijkaard and eventual winner Marco Van Basten were whittled down from the preliminary long list, but this time round it is Catalan powerhouse Barcelona who are now guaranteed to see one of their number crowned as the best player in world football come January 10th.

Inseparable midfield schemers Xavi and Andres Iniesta are joined by their mercurial cohort Lionel Messi in the final triptych (which has been whittled down from FIFA’s original 23-man ‘slightly longer’ shortlist), with a winner eventually being voted for by the various captains and managers/head coaches of FIFA-recognised national teams and by selected representatives of the international media chosen by original Ballon d’Or adjudicators France Football magazine.

Xavi and Iniesta both played genuinely integral parts in both Spain’s World Cup triumph and Barcelona’s title-winning campaign, whilst Messi gilded the latter with 34 goals and countless expositions of near-celestial approach play.

Jose Mourinho in his Inter Milan days

Barcelona also have an interest in the Coach of the Year award stakes, with incumbent Pep Guardiola shortlisted alongside Spain’s World Cup-winning veteran Vincente Del Bosque and Inter’s former treble-winning schemer Jose Mourinho – who is, you would assume, a shoe-in to take the plaudits. A treble is a treble after all.

Over on the women’s shortlists, Brazilian international Marta (who has won the women’s world player of the year on four separate occasions), is joined on by German pairing Fatmire Bajramaj and Birgit Prinz – with the women’s coaching category set to be contested by Maren Meinert (who heads up the Germany Under 20’s), Silvia Neid (of the German senior team) and Pia Sundhage (who is currently in charge of the US national side).

Inter's Wesley Sneijder has been snubbed by FIFA

Reigning Ballon d’Or winner Messi has already been installed as the bookies’ favourite to be bestowed with the award for the second year running, but the intrinsic and supportive artistry of his just simply cannot be overlooked – sadly a rule of thumb not applied to Inter Milan lynch-pin Wesley Sneijder.

Unfortunately for him, the Dutch midfielder has been rather callously snubbed by FIFA, despite ending 2010 having enjoyed an impressive Serie A/Champions League/Coppa Italia medal haul, a five-goal World Cup campaign and a string of dynamic performances for the Nerazzurri during the second-half of last season.

Whereas, admittedly, there’s not an awful lot in it, you’d have to be one hell of a cold-hearted fiend not to include Sneijder over Iniesta in this year’s Ballon d’Or running – although I suppose this is FIFA we’re talking about here.

Please feel free to leave your predicitons as to who will snare the various FIFA gongs in the comments box below…

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  1. sneidjer won the champions league n got his team into the finals of the world cup …. n still doesnt get in, fifa is run by set of mad men…

  2. You are kidding me? I had Sneijder down to win it a few months ago when the 1st list was announced.

    Yet another Fifa bungle. He should up be there instead of Iniesta.

  3. WTF!!! This is unfair. Sneijder deserves to win. Where else in history you had a player who won a treble including the CL and then got to the finals of the World Cup and scored plenty of goals for his team. I love Barca, but to me Sneijder is the front-runner and the winner.

  4. FIFA is not to blame here.

    Quote:”All of these nominees were confirmed after a poll in which the captains and head coaches of the men’s and women’s national teams as well as international media representatives selected by France Football voted for candidates.”

    And Spain’s captain is from Real Madrid.

  5. Wake up. FIFA didn’t snub Sneijder. The football journalists, national team coaches and captains are the ones who vote. Not Blatter. You guys are really butthurt about Barca

  6. let’s put things in perspective:

    domestic league – sneijder: +1, messi: +1
    domestic cup – sneijder: +1, messi: +1
    champs league – sneijder: +2, messi: 0 (duh!)

    world cup – sneijder: +1(final), messi: -1 (did he turn up, even?)

    sneijder wins, easily!

    of course, general world-wide messi man-crush and group orgasm – messi: +10

    i pity the fools who overlooked sneijder! i pity the fools!

    • both sneijder AND messi lost the world cup, that’s 0 for both of them. sneijder (it’s inter actually) may have won the champions league but messi is the top scorer, sneijder didn’t even come close. their statistics say it all, messi is twice the player sneijder was in 2009/2010. and I pity your judgement for weighing 2 points on champions league but only 1 point on world cup.

      • duh… he got to the final and scored 5 goals.. IN THE World Cup… still 1 pt for not winning.. would have given him 4 or 5 if he won! where was messi?

        champions league is the showcase of all the best players in the world, and sneijder proved he can match… and better them… messi didn’t even get to the final… with the best team!

        messi might be on paper a better player, but did he win anything important? Stop drooling over him… and open your eyes to the reality!

        • Son, this accolade is not for a team & what they’ve won, but for an individual accomplishment through out a whole season. You cannot even compared Sneijder to Messi. Messi won the Champions league golden boot, and the over all highest scorer in Europe. According to your way of thinking, than Xavi and Andres Iniesta should win it, cause they were in the team that won the World Cup. Sneijder is a good player and play in a treble winning team but, if that’s all it takes to be the best player in the world, than every tom, dick & harry would win it. The award’s basic criteria is, what an individual player has done through out the season, not necessarily what they’ve won, although that is also taken into consideration, but is not the main factor.

  7. Criteria for these awards is totally subjective. Unfortunately most of the people does not follow players on a weekly basis and they only get to see them in a few Champion league games and the World Cup. Every decision would have left people dissapointed but no one can argue that the FCB trio deserves to be there.
    That being said, Cannavaro did not deserve the trophy in 2006 and Owen did not deserve the trophy in 2001. Those are facts and time has given us the truth about these players.

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