Smart Chelsea deal for £30m midfielder could see Arsenal suffer financial blow

Smart Chelsea deal for £30m midfielder could see Arsenal suffer financial blow


Arsenal seemed to be in the best of position when they sold Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona in 2011. Not only the Gunners had the options of exercising his buy-back clause, but were entitled to receive a 50% transfer fee for the Spaniard, should Barcelona make any profit on selling the midfielder.


Chelsea now stand as the biggest problem for the Gunners. The Blues are on the verge of securing a deal for Fabregas. Arsenal had an option of matching that offer, but they chose not to enter into any bidding war.

The Blues are now planning to prepare the deal in such a way that would lead Arsenal to miss out on any payment for Fabregas. According to reports from The Telegraph, Chelsea are not keen to hand Arsenal any percentage of the transfer fee. Chelsea have lodged a formal bid for Fabregas and are hoping that progress could be made on a deal this week. 

Barcelona signed Fabregas on a complicated deal, where the Catalan club paid an initial £25.4 million, with the player contributing to the Gunners £880,000 each year of his contract.

Adding further clauses into the deal, it sums up to just over £28m. Barcelona are demanding £30m for the Spanish midfielder, but Chelsea ideally want to pay around £27m, which could see Arsenal missing out any payment over the deal.

Chelsea meanwhile are keen to announce the Diego Costa deal within this week. It also remains to be seen, how quickly they can wrap up a deal for Fabregas as well.

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  1. Complete made up rubbish crap and crap and more made up crap.writimg it down doesnt make it real.

  2. Ha ha.

    Even though clearly made up surely Barca are the ‘clever’ ones?

    Keep up the good work. Sometimes Monday mornings can be tricky.

  3. I am surprised with the writer SAIKATMANDAL, he is trying to say the things he do not know about. You do not know the truth of the contract. Do you think Arsene Wenger is not aware about all the news of Fabregas? Why Wenger is not giving any comment? Do you think Wenger is a fool? Be very careful yu will fool yourself about this issue. What you should take into consideration is Wenger is a very intelligent person, you can not compare him with any other coaches. He knows what is going to happen on the Fabregas issue, he has all the keys with him.

  4. Why arsene wenger z not interesting in him? How will he improves his team apart from fategaros signing?

  5. All i knw too is that wenger cant pay fabregas’ clause there4 he wil hav tocome to chelsea

  6. Wenger don t compete for player… When the price goes around 30m…..lucky to get ozil

  7. fabregas cannot leave barca without informing arsenal, there will wenger proves many wrong.
    chealsea remains three steps behind arsenal in fabregas deal if the club sanctions the sell.

  8. the writer isnt afool wengers pantience means he knws mistakes he
    made to sell fabregas and he cant compete wth mourinho for cash.

    • Kapito, check a list of richest clubs and see where is Chelsea? Arsenal have more money than Chelsea, if you do not know about it, you have to google.

      • delford magaya:- arsenal are richer dan cfc yet asene wenger owns 50% of d club.. yet jose is d richest coach.. yet wenger has neva beaten jose hahahaha

      • Go and check it for urself Chelsea on the 7th, and Arsenal on the 8th. so who is richer. Dont just say thing like that. A player chelsea will buy Arsenal cannot buy so keep mute.

  9. FIFA fair play is a good move, those who use to buy players like they are buying biscuits will begin to appear fools. You can not go above FIFA fair play. We will begin to see the good coaches now. Coaches were buying trophies with money, now we want to see talent of these coaches. Clubs like Man City, AND PSG have already got a good hiding. Those clubs who use to depend on oil money are not going to dominate anymore.

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