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SL Daily: Tottenham v Liverpool, Newcastle and Portsmouth takeovers, Nerieda takes ‘em off, drug testing hitlist and more


While you wait for Football Manager 2009 (little over 2 days to go), here is today’s news in brief to keep you company (don’t worry, you’ll be saying goodbye to rest of the year this weekend):

And finally:

Football Manager: The Greatest Job on Earth

Comments (2)

  1. Regarding the Ronaldo/Messi thing, can someone explain the following stat. to me because I’m missing something?

    08/09 28 16 19 It’s meant to relate to games played/ goals and assists in that order(refer to link if unsure).

  2. season, games played, goals, assists (in that order).

    however, it might be that Ale used the numbers for the 2008 year instead of the 08/09 season. I’ll refer him to your question and see if I can get an answer.