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Should Tottenham and Arsenal go for Gattuso?


Last year, with Tottenham’s season winding to a close and Jol already looking towards strengthening the squad in the summer, I suggested that Tottenham go for age and experience in midfield to compensate for the lack of composure (spine) that they’ve shown in the middle for the last couple of seasons.

That day the person I had in mind was the German international Torsten Frings, but a better player has, if rumours are to be believed, put himself on the market by saying:

“I don’t want to speak because I don’t want to inflict my personal problems on the group because our aim is fourth spot.

Afterwards there will be time to talk about my things. Right now we have an important objective, fourth place.

I would like to have the possibility to play in the Premier League. It’s a dream I’ve always had and have never realised.

I think I have the right characteristics to play in that championship.”

Gennaro Gattuso, AC Milan midfielder.

Now if you remember correctly, every summer we hear Gattuso being linked with a switch to the Premier League. It’s happened the last two summers with United being linked with him (and every time United go out and buy a defensive midfielder, just not Gattuso), and Ferguson himself has declared his interested in the player in the past.

And ordinarily, if Gattuso was to come to the Premier League you’d expect the big four to snap him up, but at least three of the big four (Chelsea (Mikel, Essien) Manchester United (Carrick, Hargreaves) and Liverpool (Alonso, Mascherano)) have enough players in that area and / or are going British anyway.

That leaves Arsenal, and while Gattuso would break Wenger’s piggy bank he would also be the ideal replacement for Flamini if the Frenchman chooses to leave Arsenal – in fact he’d be a better influence on the young Arsenal team with his experience and would add a real combativeness to the Arsenal side.

Other clubs (Villa if they lose Barry) are likely to be interested as well but when it comes down to big transfers it’s a matter of Champions League football and deep pockets and while Arsenal can offer the former, Tottenham have the pockets to at least attract Milan’s attention, and after that it’s the ‘promise of the Champions League’ and the promise of the Ramos revolution at White Hart Lane.

Arsenal v Spurs for Gattuso? Sounds a bit far-fetched, but it could be something to look forward to this summer, especially if Milan fail to qualify for the Champions League.

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Comments (7)

  1. Too old for Arsenal. Spurs are always desperate so he may well go there for a season and then dissapear when they change their plans again. Shame for the Spurs fans really ain’t it ?

  2. Whilst he`s not a lame duck , his best days are behind him. He was made to look ordinery by us at the San Siro and although his experience would be useful, we have his type of player and age already in Gilly.

  3. Well dunno how much Milan would want for him, but cant see tight-arsed wenger spending more then 4mil on a player of his age.
    Spurs dont need him, we’ve got super luka Modric

  4. gattuso should sign for manchester utd plc. he’d be expensive and is over the hill – like rooney and ronaldo. manchester united plc is the best place for players well past their sell by date and completely over rated.
    incidently is anybody else completely bored of the manchester united plc vs lokomotiv chelsea show already? what a revolting season. utterly forgetable. perhapss the death of football? thank goodness for all genuine football fans who have already decided to ignore this appalling year and declare the season over already.
    the winners of this years champions league and premier league will not count and nobody will remember them.
    paying for trophies and exerting undue influence over official bodies is now the norm in english football. what a shame that two rotten to the core plc’s have destroyed the enjoyment of genuine fans around the world. hopefully a new government will take control of our game and change things from the stinking state they’re in now. certainly the fans of manchester united plc – famous for physically assualting women and children whilst flinging their own faeces around – should be watched closely and possibly banned for up to a decade. not that any of them ever visit the stadium regularly. i guess it’s too expensive for the jobless these days?
    a good start would be stripping ferguson of his hilarious knighthood. what a horrible example to set the children of the country rewarding a man who encourages the maiming of skilled opponents and whips up songs about pederasts from his position of responsibility. the queen was very poorly advised and i am sure regrets her decision to knight such a revolting “person”.
    mancester united plc and lokomotiv chelsea are now bywords for organised crime and unsporting behaviour. what a shame!

  5. lex, sounds like you are a bit on the bitter side. I hate Chelski as much as the next true fan and United are just a soul-less money pit corporation, but i dont think you can class Rooney and Ronaldo as “over the hill” because they are both 22 and 23 respectively and are both very good players. I agree with you about how Chelsea have pretty much bought their way to success and no Chelsea fan will ever change that. Kenyon and Buck are both evil murderous, spineless money-driven non-football people who care about money and their “brand”! Since when was a football club a “brand”? I hate the way that Chelsea, a small club from Fulham, who’ve never done anything remotely significant in football history, now have the commanding power that the Big currently successful clubs in England have and have more power than the big clubs that maybe arent as good as they once were but are still traditionally Massive, Great clubs, ie; Aston Villa, Everton, Tottenham, Leeds. All of those clubs by rights have more passion and love than a little club like Chelsea will ever have. United are a bit different. They actually generate the cash-flow that makes them so successful and, although, are not what you’d call a club with “loyal supporters” are a very successful club on the pitch and in the market, whereas, Chelsea, do not have this luxury and rely so heavily on Roman Abramovich’s Billions as their sole financial provider, because they are not a club who generates “profit”. I still can’t understand why, a business genius (Abramovic) would pump money into such a small crappy little club when he could have bought any of the clubs i mentioned above and would have easily generated far more cash for him than Chelsea who are losing nearly £100m a year (which is an absolute joke by any business standards)

  6. Lets not speculate about Arsenal transfer moves because they are the most unpredictable. Last summer I heard that Ribery, Pato, Tevez & Mashcarano all were headed to Arsenal.

  7. Yes Tottenham should go for him, someone who’s won a world cup, italian, well known, but unknown people could come good is well. Only if we sell Darren Bent not Berbatov!!!