£23m Chelsea target rejects Arsenal move

£23m Chelsea target rejects Arsenal move

Manchester United

Many Arsenal fans have asked us via the comment section and on our twitter account to share the latest update on Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira, who was heavily linked with a move to join Arsenal last month.

A quick recap on the situation so far:

Sami Khedira

  • Khedira had an injury plagued campaign last season but played a major role in Germany’s World Cup triumph over Argentina in Brazil. Real Madrid signed German midfielder Toni Kroos leading Spanish media speculate that his arrival might force Khedira out of Bernabeu this summer.
  • Catalan newspaper Sport added fuel to the fire claiming last month that Arsenal had more or less secured a deal for him.
  • Goal.com with their trademark Exclusive further claimed that Khedira’s move to Arsenal was in doubt as his wage demand of £200k-per-week proving too much for the Gunners. 
  • Bombshell came from The Times, who reported that Arsenal were in pole position to sign the German midfielder. They claimed that the Gunners were working hard behind the scene to pull off this deal.
  • Arsenal were willing to pay £23m for khedira while Chelsea were also interested in signing him as well. 

All such hopes were dashed in the dust when El Confidencial reported that Khedira has taken a shock u-turn to stay with Real Madrid and will publicly apologise for this transfer imbroglio. We still don’t know why he need to do that.


Today Marca claim that Khedira is going nowhere as he is central to Carlo Ancelotti’s plans for next season. Despite the advances of the Gunners he has rejected the chances to join Arsenal in the summer. Bayern Munich have shown an interest in him but it is too late now. That ends the Khedira to Arsenal saga for now.


Marca also claim that the 27-year-old wants to join Bayern Munich after holding talks with boss Pep Guardiola, with the German champions want him to see out his final year of his contract in order to make a free transfer move next year.

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  1. He was in the last year of his contract and his agent was stirring it up to get him a better contract! simples!

  2. I think you’ll find that it is Arsenal that has rejected khedira, and consequently the German is continually lowering his wage claim to get Arsenal to change it’s mind.

  3. sometimes it is interesting to see people very obsessed with matters that dont concern them, player transfer is management issue. It is like customers asking a company with a hope of having a say on which managers and employees they are going to hire next.People should learn to differentiate when they are players and when they are spectators, unless of course if your life is such that you get no chance to also enter the center stage. In that case its good to accept your position as a fan and it ends there.

    • @Micro,


      Absolutely brilliant comments @Micro!!!…….I’m in total agreement with your reasoning, analogy and perspective on this, though I must say I’m equally guilty when it comes to the obsessiveness and craziness that may be found around Football transfers and all – the hunger for speculation and rumour, especially as it pertains to my team, Arsenal.

      There’s almost a certain case of compulsive disorder!!!
      IMO, this seems to stem from the search for external stimuli, something outside of ourselves to inject some excitement or perhaps distraction. However, it’s unfortunate the lack of control we have over these matters, and yet we give so much to it by way of time and emotional energy, with NIL effect on the outcome!

      This pattern is obviously very common these days, and of course because of the popularity of football, the media somehow find ways to exploit the situation.

      That said, the challenge here as you seem to suggest, is knowing our place as mere spectators/fans, in the grand scheme of things, which might just allow for a less compulsive pattern of followership and a more enjoyable experience of football – by just taking the necessary distance and letting things unravel, and events to unfold. After all, isn’t that truly the pleasure that comes with watching from the sidelines.

  4. Let the idiot stay where he is obviously just trying to get more publicity like he needs it let’s hope we get Douglas Costa and put a end to him

  5. There is no truth on the whole issue of Khedira’s transfer, he is the only person who knows what he want to do. The Germans are not people who are hungry for money, I respect the Germans so much and whichever club is negotiating with Khedira they will make the deal go through without any knowledge from the media or newspapers. The media will only know about it when the deal has gone through. Khedira is a quality player, he knows his diretion but he cannot say it because they certain issues that need to be ironed out.

  6. Khedira could be getting confused by the agents. Or there is a lot of hiping so as to get a bumper deal. It could back fire though.

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