What They Said: Moyes hits out at the officials, Lamela not happy...

What They Said: Moyes hits out at the officials, Lamela not happy at Spurs says his father


After suffering third defeat in a row, Manchester United manager David Moyes is surely feeling the pressure at the moment. The Red Devils suffered a 2-1 defeat against Sunderland last night and Moyes was furious with some of the referring decisions that went against them.

Fabio Borini scored the winner from a controversial penalty. United crashed for the third consecutive defeat for the first time since 2001, while it was the first victory for Sunderland against the Champions in twenty attempts.


He said after the match: “I feel we are having to play the opposition and the officials. They gave a free-kick on the first goal that I couldn’t believe. I thought the referee was going to blow in our direction. It was a terrible decision.

“We are all just laughing at them at the minute. We get a player booked for doing the same. Maybe I have got to understand that’s what happens at Manchester United – they are certainly not giving us much at this moment in time.”

Meanwhile, the Erik Lamela situation is getting intense day by day. The record signing of Tottenham has turned out to be a huge flop as he struggled to settle in to the new conditions in England. There are suggestions of him going back to Italy on loan or may be permanently, while Tottenham Hotspur are unwilling to sell any of their star players, in the winter transfer window.


Erik Lamela’s father has spoken to the press about his son’s unhappiness and claimed that he is interested in returning to Italy.

“Erik is not happy and wants to go back to Italy,” he said as quoted by the Metro.

“He has been linked with Lazio, but I don’t know anything about this. Could he re-join Roma? I don’t know.”

Tottenham paid a huge amount of money for him and it will be a ludicrous idea to sell him within first six months only. A loan move would do a world of good for Lamela, especially the world cup is approaching and he needs regular game time as well, but a permanent move is simply out of the question at the moment.

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  1. Manchester United on the rough end of refereeing decisions – every other football club in England is laughing at that one. ‘Bale the Officials’ – the universal panacea of football managers. I missed the free-kick and so cannot comment, but there was absolute nothing controversial about the penalty, it was a foul, it was inside the area, it was rightly a penalty. Moyes having a go at the officials yet again (in his short tenure), are the FA taking action like they do with other managers?

    RE Eric Lamela at Spurs: Has he been a ‘HUGE’ flop, or just a young man in a new country who doesn’t speak the language and struggling to adjust? I can remember when Ronaldo first arrived at United, listening to commentators going on and on about him doing fancy step-overs and then falling over, and then absolutely nothing else, no end-product, nothing. Was he a ‘MASSIVE’ flop, too? I hate to constantly be blaming dodgy journos for twisting everything,but are we sure that Lamela’s dad actually said he was ‘unhappy being at Spurs’ and not more along the lines that he was unhappy not performing well at Spurs, or similar? My guess would be the latter! The whole implication is that this kid, as well as not being very good (au contraire, he is one of the most highly rated talents in World football)) has zero professional pride. I would wager it is exactly the opposite. I would wager that far from wanting out of Spurs he is filled with a fire to succeed. That’s my guess. Not that he is being held prisoner by THFC on the strength of the amount of his transfer fee, and nothing else..

  2. SP – Definitely inside the box? Rightly a penalty? Do you actually believe that?
    Although i fully appreciated there just needs to be a small touch to knock a player running off balance I’m still struggling to see the touch. And at any rate when Cleverly initially sticks out his arm and leg he is clearly outside the box and during the next step they both take both end up inside the box, if there was a touch, it started outside the box. Refereeing is a tough job, i can understand how they can think it was inside and gave the penalty, but for someone who has the benefit of television replays to say it was inside and definitely a penalty is ridiculous to me.

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