What They Said: Wenger labels Mourinho as “an embarrassment”, Rodgers blasts Webb...

What They Said: Wenger labels Mourinho as “an embarrassment”, Rodgers blasts Webb after FA Cup defeat


The relationship between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, reached its lowest ebb, after the Arsenal boss has branded the Portuguese as “an embarrassment”.

We all know Mourinho is a master of playing mind games. Last week, the Chelsea boss said that Wenger is a “specialist in failure”, albeit earlier in the season he claimed to “show my respect always.”


For a man of Wenger’s stature who is arguably one of the greatest managers in the Premier League history, such comments have been seen as derogatory by many fans. Now, Wenger feels that Chelsea football club should be ashamed of Mourinho’s behavior.

Wenger reacted to such comments and said as quoted by The Mirror:

“I do not want to go into silly, disrespectful remarks.

“I never spoke about him in my press conference and I will not start now. The only thing I know is it is more embarrassing for Chelsea than for me.

“I am embarrassed for him. I didn’t speak about him at all in my press conference. Let’s focus on things that are worthy of it. I am more disappointed for Chelsea than for me.”

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has blamed referee Howard Webb for his failure to point a blatant penalty, as the Reds were knocked out of the FA Cup, at the hands of Arsenal.

The Reds were trailing 2-1 at that time, when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain appeared to knock over Luis Suárez in the Arsenal box and it looked as a genuine penalty. What was more shocking was Webb, who earlier awarded Liverpool a penalty, was in the right position, as he had a clear view of the incident.

Image courtesy: Guardian
Image courtesy: Guardian

“You can’t change it but I’ll speak to an assessor or someone because it would be nice to know why it wasn’t given,” said Rodgers.

“For the first one Luis was clipped and the second one was even clearer. Howard was in a great position. I’m not sure whether it was because it was so quickly after the first one. It looks a blatant penalty, so we’re bitterly disappointed to have not got that because that would have kept our momentum going for the final stages, when we were on top.”

As always, Arsene Wenger has a different view to the incident and the Frenchman feels the striker may have been guilty of exaggerating.

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  1. The ref was merely evening things up for having given Looserpool a very soft, if not altogether dubious penalty. You could see that Podolski merely touched Suarez. It is a contact sport and players will touch one another, but not every touch is a foul. They cannot always rely on Refs to win games

    • Anthony you are very stupid to call Liverpool loosepool this is sign of lack of respect when ever morihno does that to arsenal fc you people will started crying

  2. AW, his hope is inconsistency. he has no able to listen the fans, Do you undrestand what they neee? his inters is always to eproove prot.

  3. @ U champpion, D first penalty was as a result of OVER-REACTION(I mean, SUAREZ decieved WEBB)….So, how do u want d ref. to award another penalty. REF. used dat to ammend his ERROR by nt giving another……And STOP labelling anybody STUPID..You won 5 to 1……….but NOW, from LIVERPOOL to LOOSERPOOOOL…hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. looserpool must not rely on refs to win games,the suarez penalty was a crazy one.thanks to the oxs keep the fire burning

  5. i dont know why the arsenal fans are tripping just because u won and not d FA cup, whether u like it or not u cant compare urself with liverpool,in england as at today, d most successful club is liverpool,go and confirm and let me remind u,u are not winning any trophy this season,u are all bunch of jokers.

  6. Suarez was diving too much in his career, so the refs can’t recognized which one was true or fake. Last night, he was cut by his own scissor, or in my language it’s called : been ate by your own gun. Hahahaha…

  7. Last time he said,he had only made two mistakes in his football career,but we the fans and the football world know it’s more than seven mistakes.If you’re not an honest player and not even ready to make amends to that,it will always be difficult for the refs to separate the acting and the reality!

  8. I wonder if arsenal’s so to go for replay match at anfield. By denying a clear penalty. Because last time they lose 5-1. Just admit that you are scared. It’s really pointless if won the game by refree’s aid just like Manchester united. If i were u, i would really ashamed of arsenal. Tq

  9. Arsenal fans you should be ashamed.i mean after playing 4 games you guys maneged to win 1 game that states your standards this season

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