Ronaldo vs Ronaldinho / Manchester United vs Barcelona

Ronaldo vs Ronaldinho / Manchester United vs Barcelona


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With the ‘Ronaldo to Barcelona’ rumours refusing to die down, and with News Of The World (NOTW) adding fuel to the fire by claiming that Ronaldo wanted a new 8.3m contract, Manchester United fans are understandably worried about Ronaldo’s future at the club.

In fact, I’d say we’re not just bothered, we’re downright pissed off.

Last week I asked Manchester United fans whether they’d prefer Ronaldinho or Ronaldo to be in the side. An overwhelming majority replied that Ronaldo was their pick, but what I found really interesting was how people undervalued Ronaldinho’s skills and value as a player. Some went even as far as to forget that Manchester United were willing to pay 20m+ for this player, or that Ronaldinho is one those select few midfielders who are genuinely world class (a group Ronaldo is considered to have broken into this year).

For someone who has scored 16 goals (maybe more) this season, Ronaldinho is definitely not ‘out of form’. Rumours of him being unhappy at Barcelona are largely untrue as well. He still has 5 years of football left in him, is a fantastic marketing icon (Nike absolutely love him) and above all has shown little signs of dropping in form.

Like Ronaldo at Manchester United, Ronaldinho has had 3 years at Barcelona and is now well settled in. Consider as well that Ronaldo was a replacement for Ronaldinho, who in turn was supposed to have been a replacement for David Beckham. How things change, eh?

The rumours will continue – both about Ronaldo (the english media have finally found someone other than Chelsea to pester) and about Ronaldinho (the Italians are good at drumming up press, no matter how innocent Milan make themselves to be). For my money both players will be at their respective clubs come September 2007, and the main reason behind that would be the sustained challenge for trophies that Manchester United and Barcelona offer.

Ronaldo to Barcelona? Not yet. Ronaldinho to Milan? Not yet. Lampard to Barcelona? Don’t we wish :)

The big question is – who is the better player – Ronaldo or Ronaldinho?

The floor is yours.

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  1. Wouldnt I just love Ronaldinho AND Ronaldo in the same team, our team obviously…Mouthwatering prospect !!! Cannot really choose one over the other since they do not play in the same position or offer the same skills/benefits to the team…But if I had to choose, Ronaldo nicks it provided he commits to the club till 2013 atleast on the ground that he has a much longer career ahead of him than Dinho..

  2. Honestly, if you compare the two of them, Ronaldinho would clearly come out on top, hands down.

    People forget that Ronaldinho has been riding the wave for almost 3 years now, while Ronaldo just started shining THIS season. ANYONE who would claim other was is just bais as hell and this is coming from a Madrid fan.

  3. Also .. the reason why there was overwhelming majority replied that Ronaldo was their pick is because this is almost a Man United homepage ..

  4. i gotta agree with u, Redondo…as great as C-Ron’s been playing this season, me believe he’s gotta produce such performances next season, at least, in order earn that i understand all the hoop-la bout this wonder-kid, but Ronaldinho’s still the man…i don’t like him at Utd caus the reason he chose Barca over us in ’04 ain’t changed, and never will…”the climate”…funny, though, how C-Ron is resorting to the same lame climate excuse…

  5. Haha 😀 Well its no secret who you support so .. 😛

    Just hope you guys can keep this up for a while longer, hate to see Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea take the title.

  6. yeah Redondo, that nutmeg was class, you can watch it on soccerblog .com! I don’t think any of us can comment on who is better out of CR and Dinho, they both bring flare, pace, skill and goals to their teams so they are quite similar, I see Ronaldo as a better asset though, he’s only 22, where as Ronaldinho will go where the money goes, thats why he went to Barca, thats why he might be leaving, IMAGE RIGHTS?

    I admire both players and could not say who’s ‘better’ , I just hope Man Utd win the league,CR signs for another 5 years and his buy out clause raised to 70 million! he’s worth 45 at least at the moment, his potential is immense!

  7. If theres one thing you can’t knock about CR its his mental strength, I mean come on guys are we all forgeting what this country has made Ronaldo look like after the WC? And what they have done to him (vandalised his house). The media has ruined his life, but hes still here! The guy is an icon, hes go to be the only footballer (especially at 21 at the time)in the world that could stay here and be down for player of the year!!! And two time player of the month for the Premiership!
    And if Ronnie left United, it would be a loss for the Premiership.

  8. ^ Thats true .. The Barcelona board are upset because Ronnie doesn’t want share his image rights.

    Ah yeees .. That nutmegged Henning Berg is a classic .. ;D That was certainly not one of Berg’s best nights. 😛

    Ahmed: Who i support? I thought it was obvious from my name, A proud Real Madrid supporter since 98 ..

  9. Hey Ahmed, first time commenting here. Though I did sign up to be a co author at SoccerLens with a different alias. (Never worked out somehow :( ).
    I just wrote a post on my blog that talks about the NOTW tripe and the Ronaldo-Ronaldinho (soon to be another long tiring) saga from the press. Would be great if you could drop by and let me know your thoughts on that.
    Hope this comment doesn’t appear like spam (‘cos it’s not!)

  10. Loving United and really impressed by Ronaldo this season.
    But there’s really no contest here. Ronaldinho is by far the best player. He’s already a living legend and his range of skills and ability is mindblowing. The most impressive thing about Ronaldinho is the way he’s been keeping himself on top for several years. He’s a marked man in every game he plays, and still comes up with matchwinners, mom-awards and dazzling skill. Truly a fantastic player. He’s well within the ALL TIME Top 10 in my book. Shame he didn’t sign for United…

  11. theres noway u can compare ronaldinho to ronaldo, even lookin at their respective c.vs ronaldos reads, euro champ final, world cup semi, carling cup win. this is obviously because of his age but look at ronaldinhos, world player of the year copa america la liga champs league world cup, im sure im missing a few. been a united fan all my life and if ronaldo wants to get on like he is percieved to have been in the press then good ridance get a huge sum for him and replace him with sumone who is going to provide more goals for wayne rooney who is without a doubt our most valuable player

  12. calm down Stebiano mate, don’t let the media fool you! Ronnies going no where and as for Dinho, well, I hope he comes to the premiership, any team, I really don’t mind, I just want the premiership to be the best league in the world! I’d love man utd to sign Robinho!!!!!

    Y Is It Such A Surprisee??… Hez Buff And Ammaazzzzzzzziiinnn
    Yeah.. ronaldhino was good. but now its all about ronaldo X

  14. ok am man utd an all the way.. soo comparing ronaldo and ronladhino is stupid… we havet seen ronaldo at his best yet his only 19 is only a kid when goes into his 25+ then this question will be answered…. and whoever said rooney isnt anything rooney actualy is mvp in man utd his phiically strong and can get good shot at goal by ronaldo’s support..soo dont mess with ronney!!!

  15. people are comparing the players by how they play now because ronaldinho isnt at his best any more rite now, ill say C.ronaldo is better than him but when ronaldinho was at his best compared to C.ronaldo now … ronaldinho, besides im a ronaldo fan not C.ronaldo brazils ronaldo when we was at his best i dont think any one is better not even when C.ronaldo gets at his best, brazils ronaldo was just something else.

  16. I think they’re both great.. all 3 ‘R’s are great.. Ronaldo, C. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho.. :) but if i were to pick one I’d say Ronaldinho (even though i’m a complete C. Ronaldo fan). :) go Manchester United!

  17. People are very fickle and very quick to forget when it comes to football ! Cristiano is after breaking into the top 5 footballers in the world this season and while banging in 40 goals is undeniably amazing, Ronaldinho’s been every bit as good for Barcelona over the past 3 seasons. Ronaldinho hit nearly 20 goals this season (“useless”-according to some reporters, papers and so called journalists) in not even 30 games , due to injury and fitness concerns- including one of the best overhead kicks Ive ever seen against Atletico Madrid!! If Man U were to let Cristiano go, Ronaldinho would be a welcome replacement, his valuation (16mil) to me is a snip, still only 28yrs old.. If Sir Alex were to whip him back into shape which Im sure he would, the you’d still be looking at the holy trinity!! CRISTIANO= Free kicks, pens, step-overs, pace, flair, tricks, goals,
    entertainment- now where have I seen that before??

  18. if ronaldo was commited to man utd and not thinking of the money and moving to anouther club man u would be a much better team

  19. All you guys that think that CR is better than Ronaldinho are all stupid> How can you even COMPARE C.ron TO Ronaldinho, as a matter of fact just to ask this question is stupid, who is better ronaldo or ronaldinho? you guys are rating them based on the teams you like thats not the question so if you like man you obviously your gonna say CR and vise versa but the question is who is better? well if you can show me in video how the hell CR is better than ronaldinho then i will agree that CR is better other than that ronaldinho still makes CR looks like a little Female

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