Rodgers still hopes to land Chelsea-bound Mohamed Salah

Rodgers still hopes to land Chelsea-bound Mohamed Salah


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has insisted that he has not given up hopes of luring Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah from Basel despite his imminent move to Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho in his press conference revealed that the club needed to move quickly to replace Juan Mata, who will undergo a medical with Manchester United over the weekend, and the Blues already sealed the deal for young Salah.


Liverpool are also heavily interested in the 21-year-old and according to Rodgers the Reds have not given up on him.

“The window is not closed yet so we haven’t given up on him, no,” Rodgers told BBC Sport.

“Salah was a player we’re interested in and we hoped we could do a deal but as of yet there is nothing done on it,” he added.

“The club is still looking for players we can bring in to strengthen the squad.

“It is a difficult market in January so we’ll see what happens. If nothing comes in then the players I have have been outstanding for me this season and we’ll enter into the final part of it with confidence if we have the same group of players.”

At this moment it seems like Salah is all set to join Chelsea. All Liverpool can do is put up a ridiculous bid and expect Basel to change their stance.

In an ideal sitiation, Salah should consider a move to Anfield rather than joining Chelsea. His chances of getting regular games under Brendan Rodgers (most important demand for any young player) are more than under Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge.

Liverpool meanwhile have progressed to the fifth round of the FA Cup tie, by winning 2-0 against Bournemouth today.

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  1. Nonsense !!!!!
    Liverpool do NOT have to put in a “ridiculous bid” to get Salah.
    Its down to whether he wants to be on the bench (or join the 20 plus Chelsea players on loan) OR join a club where he has a realistic chance of immediate game time.
    If you choose to add your own thoughts then think first before you type.

    • The only reason salah will go to chelsea is if money is his motive and wont mind sitting on the bench and playing the odd cup game like the man who leaving whose a far better player

  2. Livepool owners are not ambitious enough to go for what they want and thats why Mohamed Sala will join Chelsea. They are trying to go for top quality players for low price and then a big club like Chelsea bully them out of the bid. I guess Liverpool are not the big club they once were!

  3. Wooooah, steady on Rog.
    Sounds like Salah has already decided to play for Chelsea, and who can blame him? It’s not as though Liverpool are short of attacking players themselves.
    Chelsea have 6 players (including Salah) for 3 attacking midfield roles. Sounds pretty reasonable.

  4. Salah will join Liverpool, not Chelsea.The player himself wants to mov
    e to Liverpool so its up to the club to submit a bid that is acceptable to Basel. Theres no doubt Salah will choose Liverpool over Chelsea.

  5. Blame liver pool for the lapses & un seriousness in pursuit of Salah I’m most disappointed in Rogers & FSG.How would want to run a big club like liverpool on peanuts? & expect good results? As an ardent I ve lost hope of champions league

    • I agree we have lost to many players to other clubs because fsg penny penching protracted pursute of players pick ur players do the deal before other clubs decide there interested

  6. Let salah make chelsea move and face mata’s problems, salah should think of football first not money……

  7. He was Liverpool fc target I believe if he is interested to join us he will. It all about game time, Salah if Mata left due to lack game time and he had EPL experience what about you? Make a wise Choice, Choose Liverpool and you will no regret.YWNWA.

  8. Salah is already a cfc player there is no way cfc wil compete wt lfc in terms of money so lfc shld bk of !!!

  9. It’s simple, he can join a great team with a bright future, or opt to play for a mid table club with no chance of champions league football, if he joins Chelsea, he’ll spent 6 months on the bench before going out on loan in the summer to a team like Newcastle, Tottenham or Man Utd, or he can come to liverpool and look forward to champions league football next season,

  10. Liverpool simply aint serious..blind folded bunch of back room staffs..they cannot even convince a 12m player for over two months..i wonder when they will start dreaming of signing someone like ronaldo..heart breakers.

  11. does he really have a chance 2 play 4 ‘pool? Sterling and suarez ve bn outstanding. So hw ll sala juz come in and knock em off?

  12. in the case of salah , is going to sand so ridiculous for Liverpool if the player signed for Chelsea. the manager of the player has no sense for allowed The player to signed for Chelsea, he should known that Chelsea has many players that can play salah role and more so morinouh does known how to develop young players. he always want instant result

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