Ridiculous – Former Man Utd star reckons Steven Gerrard to play at...

Ridiculous – Former Man Utd star reckons Steven Gerrard to play at Right Back!

Steven Gerrard

Shebby Singh, before becoming the Global Adviser of Blackburn Rovers, in a talk-show for ESPN Asia once said that “Gerrard should play at Right back.” In fact, he has written a piece about it in 90 minutes magazine, explaining in details why Gerrard should be deployed at right-back and not at central midfield.

Steven Gerrard

His logic are as ridiculous as his presentation. He says Steven Gerrard lacks the tactical nous of a central midfielder, but he is good at delivering crosses, hence he should play at right back. Laugh as much as you can.

And former Manchester United and Tottenham star Teddy Sheringham exactly echoed those thoughts insisting in absence of Kyle Walker, the England manager Roy Hodgson should deploy Gerrard at right-back.

We all know that Steven Gerrard doesn’t possess the subtlety of a Xavi or somebody like Alonso but he is still one of the best central midfielders in the world and the country has ever produced. At best he can play on the wings, but the ideas of playing him on right-back is all but utter nonsense.

First choice Right back Kyle Walker is suspended after picking up a yellow card against Montenegro on Friday night but England have able deputies in Manchester United pair Chris Smalling and Phil Jones but still the former Manchester United star thinks that Liverpool skipper is the answer to Roy Hodgson’s selection dilemma.

He told talkSPORT: “You could always put Steven Gerrard there because then you’ve got delivery coming from the right back, which might be essential.

“We’ve got great delivery from the left in Leighton Baines and with Gerrard on the right, it might release Jack Wilshere or Michael Carrick to play, then you’ve got someone threading a lovely ball through from that position as well.”

Comment – How bizarre the idea can be! Gerrard is versatile enough to probably adapt to any position in the field bar goal-keeping but still that doesn’t mean he’ll have to fill up the right-back slot especially when England have got able deputies around.

Gerrard played at right-back before, especially during his early days (also started at rb on his debut) but in such a crucial game against Poland, this is not a time to experiment with such ridiculous ideas.

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  1. Not saying i agree with Gerrard playing RB but its certainly not a ridiculous idea at all.
    In my opinion Gerrard should not be starting at all, him and Lampard have not a pair of legs between them and couldnt cope with the montenegro midfielders on the few occasions they ran at us.
    Gerrard cannot even control the tempo of a game ala Scholes, Pirlo etc, he is just living on past glories. Gerrard and Lampard together is a recipe for disaster in Brazil!
    For me, Carrick should be DM, with Wilshere and Townsend after his MOM performance the other night.

  2. This is just typical bull..people trying to complicate football 3-4-1- bla bla if you have 11 players who are able to play then you have a chance of winning .at higher levels teams will expose you if have a weak link ..thats it stop the ball from going in and try to score up the other end

  3. you are an idiot. carrick, wilshere, lampard, barkley are all better central midfielders than gerrard. its laughable that you think he is one of the best central midfielders in the world. he gives the ball away everytime he tries to play a stupid hollywood pass instead of a simple pass to retain posession, which is what we need in huge pressure international games. not to be booting the ball straight back to the opposition. i too would prefer to see him at right back but then again he wouldnt be in my 11 and certainly wouldnt be my captain

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