Real Madrid vs Manchester United – Champions League Special

Real Madrid vs Manchester United – Champions League Special


Real Madrid and Manchester United share a couple of very interesting records in the Champions League.

Consecutive participations

This season, Manchester United have extended their consecutive participation in the UEFA Champions League to eleven, a record in the competition. Bayern, PSV Eindhoven, Olympiakos and Real Madrid are making their tenth consecutive appearances, one ahead of Arsenal.

Knockout streak

In qualifying for the 2005/06 knockout phase, Real Madrid equalled Manchester United’s record of nine consecutive seasons in advancing past the group stage. While Manchester United’s streak came to an end last season, Real Madrid have featured in the knockout phase every time since the 1996/97 campaign.

In those nine seasons, Manchester United won the competition once while they also advanced as far as the semi-finals twice, the quarter-finals four times and the first knockout round twice in the other eight seasons.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, have won the competition three times in the last nine years while they advanced as far as the semi-finals twice and the quarter-finals twice. However, in the last two seasons their interest in the competition has ended at the first knockout round.

Other records

David Beckham is just one match away from completing 100 appearances in the UEFA Champions League (excluding qualifying).

Ruud van Nistelrooy is just one goal away from completing 50 goals in Europe – and for the Arsenal fans keeping score, Henry is on 42.
Becks and Ruud are the only Manchester United personnel (former or current) to be this far ahead. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Both clubs have played the most number of matches in the UEFA Champions league (since the competition took its present form in 1992/93).

Real Madrid

Played (121), Won (67), Drawn (25) Lost (29) Goals Scored (235) Goals Conceded (138)

Manchester United

Played (117) Won (59) Drawn (31) Lost (27) Goals Scored (207) Goals Conceded (117)

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  1. The most important stat is that madrid have 3 champions league trophies compared to Uniteds 1. And if you consider the older champions cup then we look even worse as the score is madrid 9 united 2.

  2. Yes but much of Real’s past success has to be taken with a pinch of salt (says the Real Madrid fan). There was a lot of politics… see the Puskas transfer.

  3. Ruud scored (50 goals in Europe, 46 in Champions League, second behind Raul (who scored as well and moved to 54)).

    Beckham played (100 appearances).

    Pakistan won.

    Arsenal lost.

    United won.

    Damn it was a good day…

  4. please show how fast players and how is first players in all


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