Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live Blog (2014 Champions League Final)

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live Blog (2014 Champions League Final)


Welcome to the Soccerlens Live Blog: 2014 Champions League Final edition, hosted by Tom Gatehouse.



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Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:49

Congratulations to Real Madrid, as Iker Casillas lifts Real’s 10th European Cup.
That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed the match and our humble coverage. Catch you again soon!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:46

Jubilation for the Real players!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:39
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:38
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:34

Michel Platini must love handing out the medals. Great fun having a brief chat to so many superstars!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:31

Atletico were seconds away from winning it, but caved in to the tune of four Real goals in just over 30 mins. Very unexpected.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:30
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:29
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:28
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:28

La Decima is completed. Real have ten trophies, and their manager Carlo Ancelotti has 5 in his long career. Magic!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:26

Extraordinary extra-time domination from Real, scoring three quick-fire goals to put paid to Atletico’s dreams of a first ever European Cup triumph.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:24
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:23
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:22


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:21

Unsavoury end to the match here, with Diego Simeone hurtling on the pitch to try and savage Raphael Varane! Pitbull behaviour that from the Argentine coach, and he is sent to the stands.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:20

It’s all gone mad in the Portuguese capital! Cristiano Ronaldo finishes of Atletico quite convincingly with a powerful penalty into the corner.
Shirt off, muscles tensed, Cup won!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:18


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:18

Unbelievable extra time meltdown or Atletico, with Godin bringing down Ronaldo…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:17


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:16

The defender waltzes through the middle of the Atletico defence, unchallenged, and smashes in a third for Los Blancos. Game over.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:16

The Brazilian Marcelo kills off Atletico Madrid!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:15


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:15

Real lining up to smash in a third, with Atletico now hopelessly outnumbered at the bak!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:14
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:14
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:14
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:13

The Atleti bench looks crestfallen. Gareth Bale justifying the huge pricetag?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:13

Crazy Casillas almost gifts Atletico an immediate equaliser, hurtling off his line once again, but to his relief, the ensuing shot is wide.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:10

Great save from Courtois from Di Maria, but there was nothing the Atletico defence could do about Bale coming in at the back post. A Welshman, former Tottenham player may have just won the Champions League for Real Madrid!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:09

Complete and utter redemption for the winger, who has squandered a number of chances this evening, but he was on hand to head in Real’s second of the night following Angel di Maria’s devastating run. Sensational stuff!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:08


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:08


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:07

Oooh, Godin was on the prowl there again! Gets his head on a deep Atleti free-kick, but it is gathered by Iker Casillas

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:06
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:05

Zidane barking out orders next to Ancelotti. He wants that tenth crown, and bad!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:04
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:04

Back under way. Not long to go now. Will there be a winner, or are we destined for penalties?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:01

Diego Simeone races on to the pitch at the end of the first half of extra time, screaming at the ref. Probably something to do with Bale almost scoring from that late, late corner. 15 minutes to penalties!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201422:00

One last corner for Real before the break..

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:59

Juanfran a lucky man. Probably should have picked up a second yellow for a late challenge on Ronaldo. Still time for me to get that red card

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:57

Ramos throws up a spectacular bicycle kick clearance. Best defender in the world at the moment? Diego Godin may have something to say about that

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:56
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:56
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:55
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:55

Atleti have very little in the way of targets up top. Snuffed out quickly every time they start to make headway.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:54

Headed away

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:54

Deflected wide. Yet another Real corner. SOMEONE MARK RAMOS!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:53

Talking of the Portuguese captain, he’s standing over another freekick…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:53

If Real do score, I hope Bale gets it. He’s bust a gut tonight, but it hasn’t quite come off for him. But we haven’t seen much from Ronaldo…yet!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:52

Harsh on Atletico to concede so late on. Real now in the ascendancy. Looking really likely to win this now. La Decima just one goal away?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:51

CR7 has cramp. Stresses and strains of the season starting to take its toll. Ronaldo has only just returned from injury.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:50
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:49
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:46

We are back underway in Lisbon. Time to stand up and be counted!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:40
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:40


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:39

Xabi Alonso and every Real fan the world over goes mental

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:38

Can you believe it!? This game was petering out quite nicely for Atletico Madrid, but Sergio Ramos, the hero of the semi-final against Bayern Munich, superbly guides a header past the despairing dive of Thibaut Courtois following a corner.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:36


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:36


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:36

Real have another corner…2 mins to go!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:35

It’s now or never…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:34

Talking of Real fans lashing out at their players, Iker Casillas may well be haunted by that Godin goal for the rest of career…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:33

Five added minutes coming

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:33

We are past the 90 minute mark…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:32

Gareth Bale has not endeared himself to the Real fans with his misses tonight. Fear a backlash for the Welshman.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:31

This second half has just flown by! Atletico Madrid 180 seconds or so from being Kings of Europe for the first time in their history!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:29

…and still no red card!?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:29

Five to go…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:28

Ridiculous, herculean defending from the Atletico back line. Sensational. Real pushing hard for an equaliser, but Simeone’s side holding firm!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:27
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:26

ATLETICO MADRID SUBSTITUTION: The excellent Filipe Luis is replaced by Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:25

I want a Real equaliser. Imagine the drama of a penalty shootout!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:24
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:23

Godin has been a rock today

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:23

Just 10 to go in the 2014 Champions League final. Can Atletico hold on?!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:22

REAL MADRID SUBSTITUTION: Karim Benzema off. Alvaro Morata on.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:21

Oh dear, Gareth Bale. Wonderful run down the right, but having got away from his marker, he skews his shot wide, when he had both Ronaldo and Benzema waiting for the cut back. That’s three big chances for the Welshman…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:19
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:18

Atletico were just coming up from the Spanish second division when Real last won the Champions League in 2002. Quite the miracle run!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:17

Juanfran booked for a dodgy challenge on Di Maria. Fourth Atleti player to go in the book.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:16

Superb snap shot from that man Gareth Bale goes just wide after good work from both Ronaldo and Luka Modric. The Croatian is becoming more and more influential…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:15

David Villa booked for going in, studs up, on Casillas. Nasty one.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:14

The Diego Costa ‘heat map’ doing the rounds on Twitter. Poor guy…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:12

All looking a little iffy for Real at the moment…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:12

Marcelo on for Fabio Coentrao. Missed that one!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:11

Ronaldo slotting in beside Benzema up top, Real going to a 4-4-2

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:09

ATLETICO MADRID SUBSTITUTION: Raul Garcia comes off for Jose Sosa

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:08

Just over an hour gone, and Atleti still rule the roost. Can Ronaldo et al change that?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:06

Well, not completely comfortable! Karim Benzema comes inches from restoring parity after Ronaldo’s header flicked through to him. Surely another goal in this..

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:05

Stunning intensity from the Atletico defence. They’re not letting the Real attackers have a sniff! Bayern were battered by the Real’s counter attacking in the semis, but Atleti look pretty comfortable.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:03

The biggest names for the biggest of occasions. Roy and Sir Alex catch up in Lisbon.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:02
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:02

REAL MADRID SUBSTITUTION: Sami Khedira makes way for Isco

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201421:01

Atletico come flying back, and Adrian’s shot is deflected just wide. A much better game now!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:58

Courtois tips Ronaldo’s vicious freekick over the bar, and the Portuguese squanders a couple of half chances from two corners in quick succession. Real starting to probe.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:56

Di Maria’s pace plays merry hell with the Atletico defence once again, but the Argentine is hauled down by Miranda. Yellow card for the Atleti man – Ronaldo eyeing it up…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:54

Raul Garcia goes for a Zidane-esque volley on the edge of the box. Flies well wide.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:52

Wonderful challenge on Gareth Bale by Filipe Luis. Real unsung hero of this Atletico side

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:50

Back under way in the 2014 Champions League final. Can Real find a way back, or will Atletico complete the most unlikely of cup doubles?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:44

Roy Keane: That’s not a headbutt.
Lee Dixon: But no player should be going in with his head
Roy Keane: …It’s not a headbutt.

Just take it, Lee. You’re right, Keane’s wrong, but Roy will have your head on a platter if you don’t keep schtum!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:37

Half time in the 2014 Champions League final, and apart from that Gareth Bale miss just before the Atleti goal, Real have been pretty much anonymous. Ancelotti needs to spruce it up, or face losing Real’s biggest match for 12 years, and to their most hated rivals.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:33


Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:33

Godin scored the goal that secured the La Liga title for Atletico last weekend, and now puts his side ahead in Lisbon. Simeone’s star!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:31

Go, Go Diego!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:30
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:29
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:29
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:28

Adrian could well have buried them from the latest Atletico corner, but his header flies just over the bar. Real on the rocks!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:27

No team has hit two goals past Atletico Madrid this season in the Champions League. Dreams of La Decima fading?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:25
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:24

Only minutes after Bale should have put Real ahead, Atletico strike!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:24

Diego Godin puts Atleti in front, but Iker Casillas is the villain of the piece, stuck in no mans land, powerless to prevent what really was a soft header bounce into his net

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:22

GOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!!!!!! Atletico Madrid draw first blood!!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:21
Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:20

Surprised the former Tottenham man didn’t bury that. Will Real regret it?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:19

So nearly for Gareth Bale!! The Welsh wizrad picks up on a shocking pass from Atleti’s Tiago, ploughs forward with intent, and puts his shot just wide of the right hand post.
Best chance of the match so far!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:16

Gabi, Sergio Ramos and Raul Garcia in the centre of the majority of the unsavoury incidents so far. Koke can be added to that list too after a poor challenge on the left flank. Hoping we can soon get back to football.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:15

If this game doesn’t throw up at least one red card in the 90, I’ll be amazed

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:15

…and Ronaldo fires it into the midriff of Thibaut Courtois. Safe hands.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:14

I’m a big fan of Angel di Maria, and his pace sees him earn his side a dangerous freekick…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:12

A glimmer of an opening for Ronaldo on the 24 minute mark, with a two on two situation, but he decides to lay it off to Benzema instead of going it alone, and the Frenchman loses possession.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:11

It’s all a little too ‘La Liga’ in terms of it being not a contact sport at present. Too much rolling and whinging.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:06

No chances of note yet in the 2014 Champions League final. It’s a time for heroes. Ronaldo? Koke? Bale? Courtois? Who will etch their name into their respective club’s folklore?

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:04

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201420:02

Kudos to Costa, the striker now sits chatting with his teammates on the bench, there to cheer on his side. Top professionalism

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:59

Just over 10 minutes gone in the Estádio da Luz, and its all quite scrappy so far. Fantastic atmosphere though, as you would expect

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:57

All that kerfuffle with placenta doctors for only 9 minutes of action. A real shame for the final in terms of a contest. Not saying Atleti are done, far from it, but without their star man, their chances will be significantly lower

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:56

Diego Costa is off! Subbed out of the Champions League final after only 9 minutes on the board! Huge blow for Atletico Madrid!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:55

What a time for technical problems!! At least it wasn’t in the last 10!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:44

Minutes away from kickoff! The teams are ready. Are you? #pumped

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:27

I’m still going for a 3-1 Real scoreline, but it won’t be easy for them. Atletico have proved everyone wrong this season, and who knows, maybe they have one more trick up their sleeve?

Be quite a feat to stop that man Cristiano Ronaldo from rounding off his almost perfect year with a few goals tonight in his home country…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:22

Atletico fans take the lead for eye candy…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:16

Spain’s all-time record goalscorer David Villa has arrived at the stadium. His experience will be important for Atletico tonight.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:13

BREAKING: The real reason behind Diego Costa’s miraculous recovery – Diego Godin’s buttocks.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:11

Another stat attack from those guys at WhoScored – Courtois vs Casillas

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:08

Sami Khediera was an unexpected choice for the Real midfield. Carlo Ancelotti had expressed his admiration for the player, who has recently returned from injury, but also said that his lack of game time was an issue.

Surprised Illarramendi didn’t get the nod, especially after his performance against Espanyol last weekend.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201419:01

Real Madrid fans will remember French midfielder Claude Makelele well, and well they should. A magnificent player, and one that Perez should never let go.
After a period as a coach at PSG, the 41-year-old has now been named manager of French outfit Bastia.
Good luck, Claude!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:56

Don’t forget to check out our extensive Champions League final preview, with kickoff now less than an hour away!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:47

He might not be playing every game for Los Blancos at the moment, but Casillas continues his Champions League run, and takes his place between the sticks tonight.
Liking his custom Adidas Battle Pack boots..

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:46

So, Diego Costa overcomes a grade one hamstring injury to start in Lisbon tonight. Looks like the infamous placenta doctor of Belgrade had the answers for the seemingly stricken striker! Will he last the 90?
Luckily for him there’s no Pepe for Real tonight. The Portuguese does rather like to take chunks out of the Atletico man!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:43

Nothing like an ominous piece of classic music to get us all in the mood…

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:42

ATLETICO MADRID STARTING LINEUP: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Filipe Luis; Tiago, Gabi, Koke, Raul Garcia; Villa, Costa

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:37

REAL MADRID STARTING LINEUP: Casillas, Varane, Ramos, Coentrão, Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Carvajal, Modric, Di María

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:25

Nothing like a bit of ominous classic music to get you in the mood! Take a look back at the Madrid pair’s respective runs to the final.

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:20

The two most expensive players in the world line up for Real tonight, but just take a look at this pic!
Atleti’s squad cost less than €100m!

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:14

Check out this neat little graphic from the boys at

Tom Gatehouse 24/05/201418:13

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid: One of the most bitter cross-city rivalries in football to be given the biggest stage of all, with the victor earning eternal bragging rights. This game really has such potential…