Manchester United in driving seat to land €80m world class player

Manchester United in driving seat to land €80m world class player

Angel di Maria

Another twist in the tale in the Angel di Maria saga. Well, to be honest, there is hardly anything from Madrid based newspapers, but Catalan newspapers have an update on it. And it might excite Manchester United fans.


Just to recap what we have seen over the past couple of months – a) Real Madrid willing to sell the player b) the player wants to move c) player is key in Carlo Ancelotti’s plan d) Madrid signed James Rodriguez and will recoup the money by selling him to the highest bidder e) Manchester United and PSG have shown interest in him f) his price has almost doubled in these two months g) PSG ready to pay €80m for him h) However, they cannot sign unless they sell i) they offered €10m for him, will pay the remaining €70m next year  – any idea what is the next point?


Of course you know. Real Madrid have rejected it. Why won’t they? But, double check – the report comes from Catalan press (Sport), and they basically took the news from English sources.

PSG are now looking to sell Cavani to comply with the FFP rules, but as we have seen the Uruguayan recently admitted that he is not looking for a move this summer, which means United might have a chance to lure Di Maria for a much lower price. Obviously, you don’t expect United to pay €80m for a single player!

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  1. I don’t expect United to pay anything for him. He ISN’T world class and anybody who thinks he is hasn’t seen any real world class players. Leave him where he is, let PSG have him anything raher than waste a ridiculous amount of money on this journeyman.

    • Agree 100% mate. The prices being mentioned are a complete and utter joke for a very inconsistent winger

    • You can’t say he’s not world class when he helped madrid win la decima I agree he’s not da best out deyre but he’s class marco Reus is better and he’s fleet footed

    • Dawm dawg!! Di maria is a waste of money! you surely have not watched real madrid last season and didnt watch argetina in the world. For me, him and modric were the main reason for Real madrid’s success last season… he comes after messi for argentia in the world cup…He is easily the 3rd or 4th best player in the world right not … He’s just underrated cuz hes looks simple and hes a not arrogant.. he makes everything look simple

  2. Of course im a man utd fan and i’m happy with this b’se i need Angel Di Maria to join united this summer.

  3. He is a very good player and adding him to a team like man united will be a boost but the price is just too much him

  4. I was in Madrid to watch this player rip united to pieces,but it’s a lot of money to pay

  5. Am a proud united for life, manchester is hoping on rebuilding into a much solid, attacking and competitive team to challenge for the Premier league trophy this season and to successfully achieve that having in mind that they can’t offer world class players like their targets champions league football this season then united must be willing to make some sacrifice both financially and otherwise because nothing good comes easy, so in that regard i beg united to please sign angel di maria no matter the cost and also get marco reus and play both players by the wings while hierare, vidal & another strong midfielder holds the midfield wit mata at no 10 with van & rooney upfront with a well solid back formation then fastastic goals will be coming in like countless sands this season and the sky would be their limit this season with rocketing success & victory for all.

  6. Di was the Man of the Match Champion League Final.. And also Real Madrid player of the season.. nominated for best player in the world cup

  7. I don’t think Real Madrid need to sell Angel Di maria to any football club in europe because he’s the one that gave champions league without him Carlo Ancelotti would be probably sack. They need to keep him at the club. You know Spanish people cannot
    waste time. If Ancelotti can rotate him and Modric in Spanish Laliga games if Modric plays today and next game Di maria will play too. He’s one of my favorite players in Real Madrid. Thanks

  8. Di Maria was the Man of the
    Match Champion
    League Final.. And also
    Real Madrid player of
    the season..
    nominated for best
    player in the world cup to conclude he is a world class player..

  9. He is world class, let it be judged on the big stage also and not club football alone. Who was in contention for golden ball?, he deserve a more important role on the team rather that men who played for wc teams that exit in first round.

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