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Real Madrid 2007/08 Home Kit


Ed’s Note:Updated the below post with the official kit.

The new Real Madrid home kit is a pleasant surprise from Adidas – unlike the below-average Liverpool kits Adidas have done an excellent job with the Real Madrid 07/08 home kit.

Real Madrid have a new sponsor, Bwin, who agreed to a 3 year deal worth a staggering €21.5million per season deal. There has been plenty of controversy surrounding Bwin and betting companies in general in Europe as French and German regulatory authorities try to get gambling out of sports.

Anyway, blow that, here’s the official Real Madrid 2007/2008 Home Kit (click on the thumbnail to enlarge):

You can buy the Real Madrid 07/08 home kit here.

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Comments (52)

  1. Well maybe I’m an old-timer, but there’s just too much bright yellow on kits these days. Thanks, Barcelona.

  2. Cant say I like those stripes.

    Madrid’s jersey should be: home – all white. away – all purple. Done and done.

  3. i like the current ones better.

  4. I like the 3rd kit. As usual for Real, actually. I have two third kits already…

  5. not relevant, but wotever real madrid wear, they make me sick. so do their players, apart from beckham. but who doesnt hate them.

  6. Aaah .. A Beckham, fan boy .. lost every ounce creditability right there.

  7. I’d delete that comment but it allows me to ask Redondo a very important question…

    Mate, I’m the craziest, biggest Beckham fan you will find. What credibility do you think I have? :)

  8. Away kit way better :D

    But those stripes…

  9. awesome shirts, don’t look as if they’re going to be made though. I wrote an article on the new Juve 3rd shirt, but no one’s published it…

  10. GT – it’ll come, don’t worry.

  11. Ahmed:

    There is a difference, i like Beckham too but mainly for hi sporting attributes, while our genius poster most likely only likes him for his looks or what not.

  12. cool kits

  13. Haha

    New season , new kits , new sponsors , new players and new coach.COOL

  14. kits are nice.hope to see the glory in them

  15. sam,

    Madristas hate you too! Have a nice day. :)

    Hala Madrid!

  16. although these shirts are plainly horrible, and the BenQ Siemens is much better, no matter what Real Madrid wear they will always be the best European team. Better than Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barca, Juve, and Milan all together. Hesta Madridesta

  17. These kits are fantastic!!!

    the best kits i have ever seen!!

    im going to buy all of them!!

  18. Nice kitt…. Hala Madrid ole ole…!!!

  19. wht an amazingggggggg……….new kit fala so much better than last year kit :)

  20. I’ll miss the old Siemens white kits. Classics, those are.

    The blue…hmmm, looks OK, but I’m not feeling it for Real, but as long as it is classy…

  21. Sorry to disappoint you, but Madrid celebrated their La Liga win on Sunday in next seasons actual kits, and it wasn’t any of these

  22. Ahmed and Redondo need to realize that beckham is only popular because his wife’s knockers are perfect… his form has late has been impressive but once he hits rodeo drive he will lose it all

  23. amazing kits, premediate RAUL 7 with this shirt’s… WONDERFUL !!!

  24. there well nice, like all off them

  25. i really like this kit so much and i will buy all the kit am so proud of real madrid more success.

  26. I just love the shirts. Especially the third. Just imargine captain Raul, Robinho and possibly Kaka in those jersey. That will be lovely. Barca should know that with Thiery, we’re still winning the league for the next 2 years and Capello must stay. Hala Madrid

  27. These kits are alright, but i prefer last seasons by a landslide. All those who like barca, must die, and all those who think their team is better than real, must die… Robinho is god and casillas too.

  28. I love the home and away kit but i am not that keen on the 3rd kit.

  29. I have seen the actual new home shirt

    it is on

    its not at all like the home shirt here, it’s much more plain

  30. glory belongs to real madrid with almighty god on our side all the way pls if any real official is reading this find a way to get sub keeper just in case casillas taps out and pls we some one like quaresma on that team…peace real

  31. rubbish stuff! pls update them the madrid kit looks better
    check it out:

  32. You know, not to be annoying here but Real owe Arsenal the title (Reyes scored their goals). The kit is not bad, the real one, not the crap posted up there. Btw, Ahmed, where r u from?

  33. Ok Ok, I’ll update the kits, dammit!

    Some Gooner – Pakistan.

  34. i like all the kits and i dont know which one to buy

  35. Yeah Reyes did well for them. If only theyd just give us the full price so the bloody whinger could piss off back home!

    Okay kit the away one is nice. Fuckin hell are sponsering every one and 21.5 Mil a year is just amazing and whoever decided to sponsor Real for that m,uch needs a bullet.

  36. Ahmad do you live in Pakistan or live in Uk but Pakistanian background?

  37. I dont like this kit at all

  38. I like the unnoficial kits that we up before even though they where fakes a lot more, the home one had a lot more class and good looks.
    This one is okay and i dont think its a bad kit but Purple is a tad bizarre for RealMadrid.
    I though Madrid would have White and Black home kit with a purple away kit and black 3rd kit.

    I hope they still have the purple away strip.

  39. its kind of the same as last seasons but still quite nice. But if real try to take fabregas again they will be one of my fuking worst enemys.But at the moment there ok i sopose apart from the atempts to get cesc the summer

  40. the jersey ain’t bad,but whats with th purple stripes? can someone tell me where I can see the 3rd kit?

    if anyone wants to see the new AC Milan jerseys, reply to this and I’ll put up the link

  41. Feras Saad

    I’ve only seen your comment now about Real being the best European club, and it shows how much of an idiot you are!!!

    They only won the league this year because of Capello, and they’re so stupid they sacked him.

    I hope they play of the Milans, preferably Inter, who will beat the living S**T out of them!!! Best European club my hole

  42. it is alright but i have seen better like the new barca blue kit

  43. i dont think adidas shirts have been anywhere near as good as last season and it shows in this kit

  44. REAL MADRID you ar the best:D

  45. I hope Madrid win triple next year n nistelroy be the top scorere in la liga n also in europe.
    I wish good luck 4 ruud.

  46. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy casillas’s 07/08 goalie shirt from plz, cos I think it’s awesome!


  47. real madrid is the best team in world

  48. real real real champions real real real
    champeones real