PSG ready to offer €60m striker to Chelsea

PSG ready to offer €60m striker to Chelsea


Paris Saint Germain are reportedly looking to offload Edinson Cavani to Chelsea, because they want Eden Hazard in return.

The Parisians are desperate to bring back Hazard to Ligue 1 and according to Le 10 sport, the Belgium is also willing to join the French outfit.


Jose Mourinho might have criticised Hazard openly in the press, citing, the Belgian is not a team player and blamed him for the opening Atletico goal, but, there can be no way Chelsea should part away with the PFA Young player of the year at the moment.

However, PSG feel Hazard is just the type of player, what they’re lacking at the moment, a creative winger with the ability to score many goals.


The mega money signing Edinson Cavani has been deployed out wide to fill that role, but the Uruguayan hasn’t been convincing enough. PSG are looking to include Cavani in the deal to price away Hazard from Chelsea.

Chelsea need a world class striker and Cavani would fit their profile but PSG fear the Blues may not be as willing to do business here.

Their only concern is Chelsea might have already wrapped up a deal for Diego Costa or the Brazilian born might be their top priority, in which case it’s not definite that Moruinho would actually want Cavani, although with Torres and Eto’o on the way out it could be possible.

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  1. If is because of hazard then they should offer cavani to another club is psg not there when hazard was in France for how many session .

  2. Hazard should be very careful to speak with respect.he can’t battle jose and win.fuck hazard

    • I just want to know if hazard is bigger than all other Chelsea players.If no,he needs serious deliverance, to have made such childdish comment.

  3. mou just go get cavani.dnt swap hazard for him.we need hazard he is so important to us.just go get these tree strikers costa,cavani and lavezzi.and their wil be no strikin problem for chelsea again.

  4. Jose should think twice coz Hazerd is far beter than cavani i don’t think we need cavani if we can ge costa @cheaper price.

  5. It’s true dat edin is a player dat can nt sacrfs his self 4d team wn dey need him, he can nt dsd on wht is doing

  6. I ve no p with Hazard going because I ve always got this doubt that he is nt a player that can sacrifice anything for his team besides he is too money conscious.

  7. Cavani is a gud player bt hazard is beta dan him so no need to do swap deal. . .if it is only swap deal b4 we get cavani mou shld 4get abt him and bring in costa@ up chelsea

  8. if hazard tinks dat we cant do witout him,we can do far better dan him,am begining to hate dat guy,he is just a freak

  9. How could Hazard lacked of respect like this, for how many seasons you spend in france how many goals do you in a season? How many award did won in season? Yes not the type of that do sacrifice himself when you need him.

  10. Mr Mourinho pls accpt dt swapping deal bcos Hazard is no more a chelsea player ever since Chelsea vs PSG played & he put on psG Jersey I dnt tink he av dt hrt 2 play 4 chelsea again jst accpt it & if thy cn put lavezzi in d deal also jst accpt it bcos hazard tym @ Chelsea re numbered

  11. if psg want to do business they can get hazard in exchange of lavezzi and cavani

  12. it is good hazard =cavani +lavezzi , better for chelsea unless it is loose for chelsea

  13. no one is big than chelsea football club i think its high time hazard to leave chelsea before its too am a fan of him but he was stupid in his comment.

  14. Eden hazard has revealed himself very useless to chelsea. God will punish for that. Is chelsea not far better than psg? leave the idiot.up wilian.s efforts !!

  15. Hazard has bitten a finger dat feeds him. He is stupid by casting a swipe at MOU. Therefore, he should be sold cos no one should bigger than d club.

  16. Hazard has bitten a finger dat feeds him. He is stupid by casting a swipe at MOU. Therefore, he should be sold cos no one should be bigger than d club.

  17. I never thought hazard could be of this great disappointment. Tell him, he’s of equal with other Chelsea players. Nonesense.

  18. hazard need to appologise to mou and chelsea fans 4dat comment after dat lets 4give him is just a small boy up chelsea. shedrack.

  19. hazard has childsh reasoning,give him time.He is adisrespectve boy,he thnks hex very important,he cant see mess,very humble bt simply da bext!

  20. Hazard or Acid,In fact, Chelsea lost some matches to his selfish display this season.

  21. There is no doubt that HAZARD is a brilliant playmaker. But then he has become very robust these days!. When a player starts showing signs of disrespect, the best option is to offload him to another. If we keep him @de club, he wud bring division among the entire team. We ve MARCO REUS @Dortmund. He is equally as good as hazard!. So having a swap deal involving Cavani and hazard wud be very gud for chelseafc. Cavani, Reus, M.d. Salah plus Diego Costa making the front 4 wud be very gud partnership of all time.

  22. Hazard has shown his way out. Let him go.He will surely see the achievements and good things that wil happen to Chelsea FC next seasons.A bi iko omo.

  23. What domon say is too because hazard is not chelsea player again let chelsea do the swapping of lavezzi and cavani and give them hazard because hazard is better them. Up blues

  24. I pray non of our players leave (except torres) before mourinho time is up. Rugby coach.

    • We are very sorry for u coach please!Just continue with your rugby coaching carrer,i think it suits u than making unreasonable comments to our beautiful BLUE.

    • But u also,i doubt if u’re a chelsea fan!!!If mou leaves,who do u think will succeed him?David Moyes?

  25. Yes Eden is a good player,but should not say crap about Chelsea fc,we are a great club and without him we will still be great,there so many fish in the sea,mourinho is a legend and whatever he says we obey, mind you, is the best coach in the world and Eden is another piss of crap.

  26. when is obvious dat hazard want to go,let him go,cfc fc remain a big club many

  27. when is obvious dat hazard want to go,let him go,cfc fc remain a big club many want to come in.

  28. Hey morinho ur fanstastic coach,let hazard go cos we hv good player like willian,saral.but brimg in diego costa.

    • I cant wait for this guy to go. He is a bad apple and lacks discipline. Harzadous to chelseans

  29. Hazard may be wrong making that comment,but he shouldn’t b blamed for Chelsea’s defeat. it is mouh’s tactical fiasco playing azpi at d wing.Let’s not risk selling hazard as it will be hazardous to Chelsea as a whole,leave that guy to grow and help Chelsea. I love you so much Hazard!!!!!!

  30. hazard is a fool 4 making such statements am a big fan of him BT he disappoint all Chelsea fans 4 saying such rubbish.we shld let him go bcoz truly he is ready 2 sacrifice hazard shld go & meet c Ronaldo 4 tutorial

  31. Just leave Hazard, Mourinho think twice about strikers if you wan’t Cavani just buy him don’t swap you will need Hazard.

  32. Hazard is very stupid player how can he questions mourinhos decision we have legends there but they have never ,we have to sell him to turkey and not to psg ,we dont need facken player like him plse mourinho sell him ,cfc was there before his comming and will also be there without him

  33. I think Mourinho should let him go . Becos Hazard can not bigger than Mourinho and the club . He must be stupid for saying that kind of statement . Hazard is one of the player i love so much , but for that statement men am begining to hate him . If Chelsea can swap him with Cavani , to me is a great idea . Becos for now Chelsea need striker and if we can have somebody like Cavani , Diego Costa and Lavezi with some player like Salah , Willien , Schurrle , Oscar Chelsea squad will be solid next season . Chelsea till i die !

  34. if u feel pompous,mind u Haza, its bcz of Mours encouragement ds yr.u hv bhaved un professionally.a shame kid.

  35. the way hazard comments is childish
    MOU must take an action against him n for all he hasn’t lit the candles as much MOU had bagged the silverware

  36. Let hazard raise his midle finger if that comment belong to him.
    I think the verbs comes from those reporter who does not ve food on their table and tryin to get popular by”some foolish joke”.
    If the story is true,then hazard is not worth it;in that he saw how cfc playin it football even to win champion league,cfc stick to counter attack pattern e.g didier always support.tores,mata,lampard e.t.c they do not complain and we won.
    For good reason,hazard should live cos i do not want power shift in dressing room,no more head’ech for my coah(Mou).
    Mou shld discipline him in next match probably sell him cos man can only mk that speech wen he feel his bigger dan the coach & the club.GOD hate an arrogance speech coming out from arrogant man.

  37. Psg style of play suits harzard no wonder he wnts to join the french rich giant club. Chelsea is a defensive minded team no wonder harzard is bored. U re welcom @ paris st germain.

  38. I wish Jose Mourinho all the best next season but he should definately sell Eden Hazard if he decided to go to another team, so as to let him not to mock us and bite the fingers that feeds him.

  39. It would be absolutely right to sell hazard. He is chelsea no more anyways, he thinks hes way bigger than the others at chelsea and very chidish. Doesnt know that if mou sells him now hes not ever gonna rwaxh that limit to where he thinks hes gonna reach ronaldo or even messi. Atleast we can coup up more than 50million for him so why not now? We have alot of replacements for him in da team which might even turn out better. His heart is not at chelsea anymore its obvious. Use to love him but his outside is worse. And the swap deal sounds even more perfect:) go chelsea! B|

  40. Haz or wat so ever dey cal u,never in ur life u make such a frivolous comments again..can u envisage on d likely challenges u might face joining psg?its never ur fault..people keep singing ur name at d early stage of ur life nd now u messn around..,

  41. what is wrong for a player to correct his coach fuck mou n his useless method

  42. HAZARD you are right jos is defensive minded stupid coach ! your coments are not good to ! wait good time will came soon ! he must be heer next sezn !

  43. Hazard should know jose had more fan following and more importent to chelsea than him,let him go

  44. Hazard is right. Six defenders in such a big game.
    How can now score. Mou is a wonderful coach but his tactis
    That day is outdated. Hazard is the best player in chelsea now,
    Dont sell him. Up mou, up chelsea , up hazwrd

  45. if hazard has grown so big mou cannot coach him,then let him go,after all salah and schurle are doing amazingly also!!!we shall get a good replacement for him..i think cavani+lavezi is good..more goals for chelsea))

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