PSG keen to land £300m Chelsea midfield duo

PSG keen to land £300m Chelsea midfield duo


We at Soccerlens, love to read the Le 10 sport magazine. You might remember that in the first week of May, the same magazine dropped a bombshell with this story that Chelsea’s Eden hazard wants to leave the London club to join PSG.


The French giants are long term admirers of Hazard, who has rightly been judged as Chelsea’s player of the season. He has been sensational this season for the Blues but French media speculates his relationship with manager Jose Mourinho is not so smooth anymore.

The Belgian made some comment after Chelsea’s semi-final defeat at the hands of Atletico, where he criticised Mourinho’s tactics and allegedly claimed the Portuguese is one of the worst managers he has seen.

Mourinho furthermore blamed Hazard for the opening goal and even went far saying on record that the player doesn’t sacrifice 100 per cent for the team.


PSG are determined to land him. Despite their FFP restrictions, they want to bring him back to French league. The Parisiens are looking to sell star striker Edinson Cavani and use that money to land Hazard.

Already, they’ve secured a deal for Chelsea’s David Luiz, now the attention has been shifted to Hazard. Mourinho is aware of the interest but claimed PSG can forget about signing Hazard and Oscar, lest, they have to pay around £300m to secure their services.


Le 10 sport also claims that Oscar also remains a priority for them in the summer. However, Chelsea are in mood to entertain any offers for the both Hazard & Oscar, who are seen as the future of this club.

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  1. hazard and Oscar must stay . no move for them, we need Rooney in our squad nxt season to relieve hazard work.

  2. If they can bring such amount ‘why not?,sell them and use d money to freshing up d squard again ok…I believe dey can’t…

  3. Sell them , mourinho want to generate money like the one he named “specialist in failure”

  4. Our negative Coach is ready 2 sell hazard 2 opponent make them stronger simply bc he cnt play gud football.

  5. chelsea official mou want 2 demolish chelsea and u guys are just aloof watching him doing it why? Why cant u guys sack him 4 de betterment of de club? How wuld he sell a player lik luiz and now he is planin 4 hazard and oscar then where is he planin 2 build a team

    • Relax gents give him time to build his own team. Every coach has his own kind of players. Let him sell and buy then judge him. I see many of you eating your own words when Mou starts flying high.

      • first it was mata, they David Luiz and now its hazard…This is the same manager that sold arjen robben and bought malouda…if this idiot had Diego Maradona 1986 he would exchange him for Gareth Barry…in 6 months he killed the whole team…I understand Why his nickname is the special one yes a special mental case…every Chelsea fan riding him should get off his parked bus…

      • Mourinho wants to destroy chelsea becaus he cant play good football thats the reason why he is saling the skilful players no one was Marta now LUIZ another person who knows maybe HAZARD, nobody is even talking of RAMIRES Premiership worst player of the season thats the type of players that MOURINHO likes cock and shoot players after saleing now he will go and pack all the defenders in the world and tell you that they are David Luiz replacement the young players in the team he will not give them chance but he will go to another club to sign there age mates

  6. It wil b a great mistake 4 Jose to let Hazard or Oscar leave,bcos they av talent and both of them are among the chelsea best players ….chelsea need 2 keep them

  7. Jose mou should be carefull about this selling&buying of quamenyon(literally) players.

  8. if psg can pay the money, why not selling ’em en get series of Good players dat can do the job.

  9. Is it only them that have talent? If its 300 mill pounds,sell them please. There are talents very many out there. Its not bad if we make money and get more mature and gud replacement. So pls stop crying.

  10. Muo shud not sell hazzard nor oscar if u want 2 coach chelsea d player dat u suppose sell u no sell them eg ba,eto

    • Yes Hazard want chelsea club to praise him to stay,he must go if he want,

  11. Mou should not sell hazard & oscar, pls we nid a beta sriker eg diego, javi martinez or midfielder yaya toure

  12. To me, if Hazard or Oscar wan to go, den we should sell dem, ofcause we can still cope without dem, we won the champions league without Hazard and Oscar, so if both of dem especially Hazard wan to go, den let’s sell him, wit 300m we can buy fantastic players, like Neyma, Costa, suarez, yaya toure, Angel di maria, even silver in 300m, and still have a strong and fantastic squad dan wat we have now. So any player dat is unhappy in de squad should go, chelsea fc have always been dey and will continue to be dere… Up blues…….. But plis guys don’t misquote me, dat I said we should sell dem doesn’t means I don’t love dem, I really love both of dem especially Oscar, both of dem r ma blues best players I love to watch.. But I hate keeping unhappy players so if dey don’t wan to stay, den we sell dem…

    • It is very easy to sell good/quality players, but very difficult to buy good/quality players. This is so because some of the good/quality players you want may not accept or their club may not want to sell. Even some of the you think is good, may get to club and not perform it is also ideal to keep players if you want to build a strong squad to win. It only ideal to sell after you you have succeeded in buying a more reliable replacement.

  13. That is big money we can use the money buy good one like costa, lavezzi,and our loan keeper courtois good left-back,replacement of luiz, 300m is big money sell them and buy good ones.

  14. This is absolute nonsense are ye really this stuck for a story honestly as if we would sell hazard to psg when hazard has come out and said he is staying at cfc next season

  15. Only God know what is rong with Mou. you sell mata, Luiz, and other players and you still want to sell Hazard and Oscar. are you serious?

    • Yes mourihno is serious but chelsea players wants to get enough salaries,that’s why any big club offer them high salaries,nothing mourihno can do to stop them to go because players wants to get enough salaries

  16. chelsea should nt allow mourihno to sell harzad and oscar,they should try to bring the likes of mario gotze,diego costa and another one striker nt cavani.

  17. If mourinho sells hazard or Oscar I will be so mad because Oscar scored a free kick against stoke and made chelsea go to the next round and hazard got chelsea player of the year

  18. Paris just want all chelsea players because chelsea are class and Paris know there crap

  19. It is completely nonsense because mourinho came to chelsea and selled mata to stupid Man Utd and Luiz to PSG and now he wants to sell Hazard and Oscar to PSG.THIS HAS TO STOP MOURINHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mourinho,should sell both Hazard n Oscar even @100million cos dey dnt Worth 300M!Dey should go cos we dnt want 2 end Trophyless next Season.Look @ Real Madrid players as if dey ar fr Anoda planet n Mourinho was de Master planner dat purchased Most of dem.So,go ahead Jose n sell dem all.So,many players out there better dan dem.Look @ Angel Di Maria,Modric,Falcao,Koke,Bale,Varane,Yaya,Paulinho,Pogba,Benatia uncountable players better dan Oscar n Hazard!

  21. We re also a profit making club now with d arrival of mou while we re also chasing trophy,we ve make so much profit 4 dis season alone,pls mou sale any player that is nt committed to d future we plan to build n our dear club,hazard is my most love player in chelsea bt that does nt means he’s indispensable if he’s nt committed we ve have great player in d past with great commitment d like of drogba,lampard,cole,balack,makelele dis player re ready 2 die for CFC den despite gud offer coming there way yet dey remain with chelsea on their commitment,pls my dear chelsea don’t keep unhappy n uncommitted player at chelsea if gud offer come 4 any1 of den that want 2 go pls sell,there re beta player out there than dem we can buy with dose money…up blue kudos to d specialone we re behind U

  22. Jose forget about selling Hazard & Oscar cos they the feature of our great club.

  23. if psg can offer both of them like that 300k why not, and beside we don’t need to border our selfs, i will advice morinho to bring back hazard younger brother, victor moses, lukaku, van annoult, kennth omereo, and as well as lucas piazon,

  24. 300 Million Pounds ! Hell yes ! Sell em, I would throw in Mikel for free too ! Using that we could get Gotze, Isco and Greizmen and still have another 200 Million with us !

  25. Master mourinho sell anything(players) that is sellable, no shaking. I believe in u, u always know what u want, ur strentgh And weakness, if they both want to go let them leave, hazard can stay, But oscar should leave cox he is a seasonal player. u
    laid d Foundation on Which madrid achieve their sucess. anceloti came to take The glory. I am ur die hard fan. jose reign Forever

  26. I think media are so stupid, why to cheat people for printing fake news about PSG wants Hazard & Oscar for £300M, sure a normal fun cannot accept this liar report of buying 2 players at this big amount

  27. Abrahmovic should sack mouriho b4 he spoil chelsea,he sold mata, luiz,now hazard and oscar,it will only remain old player lyk lampard,terry and so on,he will still sell mikel,moses even ramires. Stupid coach

  28. God we need u to save us from hands of mou.dont allow money n PSG destroy what ve built for many years,good coach keeps their good players n build team around them and not selling them.thanks

  29. If they can pay d 300m. 4real y nt they r nt dat indispensablem w w scout 4 anoda great talent.

  30. Mou sell them and get the money. And bring in Lavezzi or Jesus Navas and yaya toure.

  31. All this transfer talk by the way is coming out of the press, just because we let Luiz and Mata leave Chelsea have been labeled it seems a selling club. We all knew Jose never fancied Mata, Luiz was going to follow it was a just a matter of time. I for one would have kept both players, I think in both Mata, and Luiz we have lost some hart in our team. Both players always wear their harts on their sleeves and would run into brick walls for us but Jose thinks differently. I guess he knows as he trains and watches the players everyday. Now there is talk about Oscar, and Hazard. I feel Jose is trying to ruin something Chelsea Fc have started building, by getting rid of players that are talented and young. It seems he is trying to bring in older players with experience, just look at targets we are going for filip Luis, 29 lb from Atheletico, levezzie great player that he is but at 29 years old, I mean come on we could sign this young kid Firminho he is only 22 and he would give Oscar competion in that attacking midfield role. Costa, and Falcou that would be a deadly strike force with Lukaku as 3 rd striker. Cortois T Hazard, and Piazon also to come back from loan, along with Chalobah, Wallace, Mcheran, and Ashtu.
    Cfc for life!!

  32. Mou does nt want to sell dats y he put that pricetag 300million, u guys shud read ur news wella hazard said he is stayin moreover 50million for luiz and u expect chelsea to reject dat offer. With dat money we wil get 2 defensive players better dan luiz. So its business if psg can pay 300million let dem go dere re gud players out dere.

  33. when it comes to mourinho, people are so quick to only see the negetives. The club improved massively both in spending and ability to beat the big teams and you all fail to see that. Any time, any place and any scenerio, i will choose Mourinho over Wenger. Shameless Assanal fans; celebrating the FA Cup like the Champions League, and dont 4get the fact that its one after 9yrs!

  34. Mou can sale hazard nd oscar if he fills dey ar nt marchin is game plan, dat is if PSG ar will 2 pay £300m 4 both of dem, after all, most of d marches we lost dis season is cost by hazard sluggishnes by hanging on the ball whn ever we on counter attack, he nd oscar lack dat decisive pass in de final third dat is de more reason our strikers av nt ben scoring goals, am nt disputing de fact dat dis player ar good nd talented players all desam, until dis payer learn 2 be decisive dey can’t be mesi, C boy nd oder great mid fielders. So sale dem nd buy angel Di’ maria, cesc fabregas, diego costa nd maco rues. Blues 4life.

  35. Chelseafc should nt allow hazard and oscar, bcos der ar future player, mour u sell mata u sell u luis nd nw u want 2 sell hazar nd oscar, u ar so stupid man nd y u no sell d all team

  36. Why must he be sacked? Those that are commenting that mourhino should be sacked, should just withdraw that statement because he hasn’t built his own team and whatever the team he builds last longer. Let watch and see Jose! He is the best manager in the world

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