PSG to bid €75m for Chelsea star, ready to offer 5-year-contract

PSG to bid €75m for Chelsea star, ready to offer 5-year-contract


Chelsea winger Eden Hazard recently confirmed his loyalty to the London outfit when in an interview to Belgian newspaper Sportwereld, he insisted that he is unfazed with transfer rumours and quashed everything as mere speculation.

That didn’t deter French media to constantly speculate about his future, linking him with French giants Paris Saint-Germain.


In the first week of May, French magazine Le 10 Sport published an article where they claimed Hazard is seen as the top priority for PSG in the summer and that he has told the Parisien club that he is keen to make the move as well.

Last week, reports in Daily Mirror emerged that PSG are preparing a massive offer for Hazard that would shatter the British transfer record.

PSG, hit by Financial Fair play restrictions, have already signed David Luiz from the Blues and now are eyeing a massive bid of €75m to secure the Belgian’s signature.

According to reports from France Football, the representative of Hazard met Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, owner of PSG in Doha in March, before their Champions League confrontation. 

PSG are willing to offer him a five-year-contract with a massive pay rise of €15m per year. Surely enough to turn the head of any young player.

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  1. What is going on here why must we seall all our key players what are we doing to ourself and what will chelsea looks like next season what is going on here?

    • Hazard is going no where, it is mere speculation and rumour, so Aden will play for CFC next season.

    • don’t worry if chelsea does sell hazard for 75m in euros, they could buy 3-5 quality players to bolster their squad which would more than make up for losing hazard.

  2. If they can give us Lucas plus the money for Hazard, i think it will be a good business

  3. i thinks eden hazard will be good player if he could join for psg like we sees now they have good player like cavan, ibrahimovic

    • You’re dreaming dude. Lucas is not for sale but you can have Lavezzi for €40M so 75-40= 35M for Hazard !

  4. OK seriously do you even read yourself? €15M per month is €180M per year ! That’s just the stupidest thing I never read. BTW i saw the original article, in french, and it’s €15M per year.

  5. Chelsea will be the mist stupid club on earth if they sell Hazard to PSG. what is wrong in Chelsea having fantastic players like harzad? PSG should look some were else. harzad is not for sale. if PSG can come up
    with 100 pounds, plus lavezi, pastore and Cavani then Chelsea should let harzad go.

  6. fuck PSG…they always look at CHELSEA playr…if yu can make some player like chelsea does…CHELSEA always make such quality talentd player and they gt them…fuck PSG :(

  7. what is even worrng with chelsea coach and owner are they seen other club like real madrie are they seling their key player why chelsea mng want to sell all the key ply. cm to think of it.if he sel the key players and he didnt replace with gd plys

  8. hey!! any further evil news from psg , I will give them bad ride so the should stay clear

  9. I think chelsea players wants to sign more years,but chelsea owner want a player on age less than 30yrs,so every player looks for what will come next if he reach club age laws? So all chelsea fans stop blame a coach for any player departure to join other clubs

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