Possible Arsenal starting lineup against Bayern Munich

Possible Arsenal starting lineup against Bayern Munich


The Champions league will return this week, with both Manchester City and Arsenal involved in blockbuster clashes with two of the world’s most dangerous sides.


Both English sides face daunting tasks, with City to face Barcelona on Tuesday, while Arsene Wenger’s high-flying Gunners will resume their fight with last year’s second round vanquishers, Bayern Munich.

Bayern, now under the hand of Pep Guardiola, beat the Gunners 3-1 at the Emirates last year, and despite a 2-0 loss in Germany, progressed to the quarter finals on the away goals rule.

Arsenal will be looking for revenge, but the signs are ominous, with Bayern not having lost a single game in the league this season, and have conceding only nine goals.

Manchester City inflicted their solitary loss this campaign in the James Milner-inspired 3-2 win in the Allianz Arena in December, and the Gunners will look to emulate Pellegrini’s side over the two-legs, and pull off something quite spectacular.

Team news:

Defence: Wojciech Szczesny should retake his place in goal, despite his understudy Fabianski’s excellent display in the 2-1 win over Liverpool on the weekend.

Kieran Gibbs and Bacary Sagna should also return. Wenger will look to Laurent Koscienly and Per Mertesacker for strength and solidarity against Bayern’s vicious attack.

Midfield: With Arteta suspended, Flamini should keep his place, with Jack Wilshere coming in to anchor the midfield alongside the Frenchman.

Attack: Giroud should be backed up by Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain tipped to keep his spot on the right after his match-winning performance on the weekend.

Possible lineup:

What do you think? Agree with the lineup? Can Arsenal get a result against Bayern? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. I d drop ozil, play cazorla in centre midfield and either rosicky or gnabry wide with the ox . Maybe drop wilshere too and play ox or rosicky alongside flamini . We cannot afford to carry ozil in a game of this importance . How about dropping Giroud for podolski and giving him the central striker role. ?

  2. I’m posting this to Wenger, Could be the route to winning the Champions League…

    Ref: Can New System Ensure Even Better Performances for the Arsenal?

    Bonjour, Monsieur, Arsene Wenger!

    I therefore feel that I need to say something even if what I will say can be considered insane…I want to say something that can get Arsenal performances at the point that only luck may stand in our way. It will keep my countrymen alive and ensure Arsenal is on top of their game. Well I’m not an expert in football matters and when I address you in terms of football; it will be like a small 4 year old addressing Pele. However, like a little kid, I will not shy away from saying this and I do not expect you to act.

    I want to talk about a system change at AFC – Can New System Ensure Even Better Performances for the Arsenal?

    I’m suggesting that you may need him to quit the 4.3.1 system you have used for the last 3 years (despite that it has served AFC well) and embrace a system that flatters the current squad powers.

    My first question: Can we successfully carry out a system change mid season? Are there managers who have successfully done that midseason? Better still, are there BPL Managers who have successfully executed system changes midseason? I have not done research to answer that question but am sure you have the knowledge, expertise, tools and personnel to find out.

    By now I will be surprised if you are still reading this letter. I go on, assuming you are not there and I’m talking to myself. Insanity has such biases after all.

    I have in mind a switch to 3.6.1 or 3.5.2 whichever the variation maybe depending on circumstances and opponents.

    Here is how the team lines up with the switch

    Ozil – Carzola – Rosicky(Any 2)
    ——Sagna, Martesacker, Konsienly

    Here is the alternative line up:

    Ozil – Carzola – Rosicky(Any 2)
    —Vermalean, Martesacker, Konsienly

    This is how it Works:
    If you count the players above, they are 10…One short. (It’s Arteta or Flamini and not the two at the same time for me, Sir.)

    And that’s the exact point you have 10 players who adequately fill all the roles needed and space for an extra player at the right position depending on the match circumstance. Your triumph will be who and where you play the 11th player.

    The three man defense is a close knit 3 man center backs (I know maybe there has never been 3 centre back formation) …No Full back in the formation. Instead, the wingers, in my case (someone else may analyze the players I have selected and suggest the better option) Gibbs and Gnabry/Sagna will parade the wings from defense to attack and attack to defense.

    This system finally resolves the question of having two out of the three best CAM candidates we have in the squad actually sharing that role. In my case I would pick Ozil and Carzola ahead of Rosicky. No one puts a shift in the wings because Gibbs and Gnabry/Sagna will be expected to provide the service from there! (Against Man United on the 12th of February – Sagna and Gibbs were a bright example of what they can do in this formation)
    You get to have 3 strong central defenders manning the defense, two extras who also operate as wingers (They provide extra defensive cover but help in transitioning the team from defending to attacking (Just like a true defensive midfielder should do. In fact, they are defensive wingers in all form of description) and become midfielders when initiating an attack or in attack. But they quickly metamorphose into defenders when that is needed and in the process helping Arsenal free its deadly range of attacking players from wing responsibilities which limit them many times. (We all know a lot of people believe that Arshavin was limited by his duties in the wing and same matters are arising over Carzola, Rosicky, Wilshere, Podolski and even Walcott.

    Now the Candidates for the 11th player (both short term and long term)
    1) Wilshere – He continues to show he is capable of playing one of the most scintillating box to box roles and on his day, he is unplayable.

    2) Ramsey – Again, like Wilshere very unplayable in the box to box role and better, he has had his days far more often this season.

    3) OX – Another candidate who can do a box to box so effectively that you are left spoilt for choices.

    4) Podolski – Can turn the match to its head by providing one of the greatest shows as a second striker

    5) Bendtner – For the very first time, the possibility of a Bendtner-Giroud full match trial. With this system it can be tested. Imagine if two players were target men in the Man United Match. And Bendtner provides power and assists too on his day.

    6) Sanogo/Akpom/Zalalem – Maybe Bendtner – Giroud somehow fails to click… These young players could suddenly become options to test and what a coup it would be if chemistry worked out with the young players and we went on to winning the title because of that. You tested Farbregas very young and the rest as they say is history.

    7) Rosicky – Could easily be one of the most inspirational match turners if given a nod. Imagine Rosicky, Carzola and Ozil all operating in the centre as the wings are sorted. He can also deputize for the two players (Carzola and Ozil) or even force his way at the expense of one of them!

    8) Walcott – This guy would be devastating as the 11th man especially in a free role in the match and with his pace. Freedom and speed are the two things Walcott would be praying for if God had asked him the same question he asked Solomon, I imagine… He has the tools to steal that 11th player position and make it his own for the keeping.

    9) Summer Signings: We continue being linked to lots of players – Maybe be this system would have some exciting players like Falcao, Cavani, Draxler sensing the opportunity and grabbing pen and paper to sign up and ask questions later.

    The thing about this set-up is that it offers high level flexibility and variations. Perhaps the shift to this system may just be the trick that provides the magnet for the trophies. Perhaps it will be the trick that bells the Champions League cat in that even an hour to the match no opponent would be sure how exactly the Arsenal will be set up, until they see the lineup.

    Watching an Arsenal side that faced and bungled Liverpool out of the FA Cup and seeing Sanogo, OX, and Podolski perform convinces me that we can indeed design a system that compliments their powers to the maximum, and move upwards in the football elite charts.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this insanity, Monsieur, Arsene Wenger. Then again, maybe you did not even get the chance to read this as Arsenal mail registry systems and the bureaucracy will quickly look for the dustbins at the first opening. But at least I got this off my chest.
    Thanks in Advance.

  3. Mr Wenger should please start Podolski & Thomas Rosicky; he must drop Flamini for Arteta period!

  4. I prefer Rocisky to Ox–because he champion league experience and he can control the mid field well. Arsenal need just to win.

  5. If mr wenger should consider hope 4 champion league kept up,flamini,giroud and monreal should feature on the second half,.

  6. He should let Podoliski play as a centre attacking striker. Giroud lack confidence when it comes to scoring goals

  7. I prefer a three-horse attack of Podi, Giroud and Cazorla. Arsenal can’t afford to seat back and allow Bayern to run at them.

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