Porto ready to sell €90m duo to Manchester United

Porto ready to sell €90m duo to Manchester United


Manchester United suffered yet another defeat in the Premier League yesterday, when they lost 2-0 against Everton.

While the season has been a complete mess, Manchester United board are willing to keep their patience with manager David Moyes. The Scot will be handed a hefty transfer kitty in the summer and a massive rebuilding process is expected to take place.


Last week, Moyes made a personal scouting trip to Portugal to watch Benfica in action against Porto. The Red Devils have been linked with several players plying trade in the Portuguese league, so naturally, his visit has sparked wild speculations in the Portuguese press.

Couple of days back, O Jogo reported that Manchester United could be interested in striker Jackson Martinez, who has scored 58 goals in 89 games for Porto.

Also, last week, O Jogo speculated that Manchester United boss might have been targeting Eliaquim Mangala, who was a reported target of Manchester City, on the transfer deadline day in January.

Now, A Bola reports that Porto might be willing to sell both the players to Manchester United in a package deal. Mangala has a release clause of €50m, while Martinez could cost around €40m.

Well, I personally don’t see any reason why Manchester United should go for Martinez. They need a central defender and could try their luck for Mangala, fair enough, but why would they need a striker when other areas of the pitch needs primary attention.

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  1. When there is world class striker like RVP, Rooney, Hernandez, bright star Wilson, Welbek, why Moyes is searching for new striker?. The need of the hour is (an experienced centerback, leftback, two attacking wingers, two midfielders to replace Vidic, evra, nani, valencia, scoles, gigs. David must aim to bring in (Mangala,garry, shaw, grazimen, Reus, turdana, carvalo, kroos and pogba and Moyes must utilize the challenging stars like Felani and Mata in their liked/right position,

    • Now I like the way you wrote that.!!! Beautiful it was but I fear opposition fans probably will say we’re buying the title.!!!!

    • Why Man U needs another world class striker is the fact that in the absence of RVP, Man U’s striking line is impotent. Against Bayern, Welbeck showed that he’s still young. Rooney also being on injections. Jackson can easily cover the gaps, in case Rooney or RVP-injury prone is out.

      I won’t neglect the fact that all other DPTS are also down below the bar.


  2. Man Utd should sack Moyes, h is a complete flop, he keep on scouting every player and wants to buy everybody but he cant win any match even loosing to his former club. Unless he is sacked he will ruin Man U.

  3. Don’t waste the money…first and foremost MU must sack David Moyes for he doesn’t know how to win matches and seemed clueless how to face better teams. MU must get a better Manager who could spend wisely to rebuild the team. A manager who is technically sound and who knows how to motivate and control his players. Moyes does not have these qualities…..giving him huge fund to spend would be a waste. I don’t see how the team and their performance would improve under a Manager like Moyes who may be good only for mid table teams.

  4. First man u should consider sacking moyes and get another manager.moyes is a midtable coach and he is qualified to man u

  5. man u should consider sacking moyes and get another manager.moyes is a midtable coach and he is not qualified to man u

  6. moyes has been an average manager right from d start.he should be sacked before he destroys manchester united and our brand.

  7. unfortunately David Moyes who I’m sure is a decent man,but tactically he does,not have a clue,he looks up at the sky waves,his arms about but didn’t know how to change a game,he should have stayed at Everton,he wasn’t expected to get any were apart from my be fifth or sixth,but now Everton fans,can see what can,be achieved with a good tactical manager,UTC have went down Everton up,!

  8. i hope man u first signing for these coming saga should be van gaul as our manager not moyes. Give him 500 million ponds, he will end up 7th position. Club that such amount given to him is fulham.

  9. Moyes must sac first van gel should take over with united there is no problem with striking only midfield and depent

  10. even if moyes looking for signing new players,am sure that the best players ar not willing 2work with moyes!!,b’s he ddn’t qualifier for Man utd.When u see Everton now they ar shining with Martinez as replaced him ther! xo he’s not manager who utd we need ,sack moyes please!

  11. united dont need a striker & wouldnt pay that sort of money, absolute rubbish. Who makes these stories up ?

    • It was published in A Bola, Portuguese newspaper. We gave a screen shot of that story as well. You’re probably right – Manchester United do not need a striker at the moment, I pointed out that in the article.

  12. MOYES OUT…. MOYES OUT…. MOYES OUT… just admit dat u r damn stupid ASS n does not knoe hw to manage a big club like MAN UTD… even EVERTON DON WANT U GARBAGE MOYES…. MOYES OUT….MOYES OUT

  13. moyes is the right man he just needs to settle into it, he’s still learning the utd way an that’s gonna take time. It took fergie 20 odd years to build our club to what it is, a legacy. Now moyes has to break it in order to build his own. Big clear out and a few good signings, we’ll be right.

  14. United have to get rid of MOYES and chain of sub-quality players in the club immediatly. Also the players to be recruited must be the most qualitative ones and not based on biase.

  15. moyes is nt there in terms of effective controlling, coordinating, techniques and motivating towards my humble club MAN U. team. so, Glaziers have to take effectve measure on moyes.

  16. The starting line up yesterday had a value of 150 million and still they want to spend more. Plastic club that buys teams and sacks managers who don’t win any silverware after a season. How ironic they should have criticised City and Chelsea in the past for sacking managers. The city premier league winners won the title in spite of Mancini and not becuse of him. At least we game him 3 and a half years to make a comprehensive msss of things.

  17. this is a team which lifted the trophy. why have welbeck in the pitch when chicharito has no injury? Danny has wasted chances, look at that chance with bayern…moyes is ok with manutd at that position because that is where he used to place Everton. this man moyes is here to ruin manutd. he promised fans of better results to come but later changed blames to luck…..we were not lucky….luck was not on our.side. let him go. wat hurts most is.to have welbeck in the pitch but chicha on bench. the worst is to sell chicha….moyes don’t make a mistake of selling chicha, we are ok with him and even better loose a game with chicha in the pitch than winning the same game with welbeck.

  18. Those are the same players that ve been winning trophies for ManU. The problem is surely with the coaching system,& tactics used. There z great need to build up the central defence system, the midfield & both attacking wingers. We ve got more than enough strikers tht need to alternate from game to game. Henandez hasnt had enough playing time. He s more creative than Welbeck. He performed wornders last season. Let the coach make great use of him.

  19. Kennedy Nzeakor, Moyes needs to further his coaching proffession and must play Manchester United Origin pattern of football and not that Everton historic football play, United doesn`t need any striker at all, Moyes go for Shaw, Lalla, Sabotic, Barkley, wanted out Nani, Young, Vidic, period.

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