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Podcast: Arsenal have Sol, Liverpool don’t and Manchester United could be sold


The second Soccerlens Podcast of the new decade sees Adrian Clarke and Iain Spragg hit the spot with more topical football banter and debate. 

As well as dissecting all the hottest topics in football, the duo nominate some of their own favourite writers, experts and websites in light of the upcoming Soccerlens Awards. Question corner covers Robbie Savage on the phone, a Manchester United buy-out and matches you’d like to save or suffer when it comes to snowy weather. 

It’s well worth a listen!

You can listen to this week’s episode below:
Download link (mp3, 31mb, 32 mins)

Make sure you send in your feedback and questions through and Clarke and Spragg will feature the best of them in next week’s show.

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Comments (2)

  1. No disputing that Adrian is a top bloke……..but Martin Keown for the best pundit award!!??

    Best Halloween mask award maybe but that’s about it.

    And Robbie Savage….Adrian likes him by all accounts…….there is an unnerving attraction to nutters showing up here!

    But let’s hope the poor lad is still just adjusting from the Christmas celebrations and didn’t mean it.

    Great listening as always! :)

  2. Since we’re not considering TV pundits, Keown (mercifully) has no chance of making it to final set of nominees :)