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Photo: Per Mertesacker’s outrage on Mesut Ozil for ignoring the away fans


Arsenal suffered a humiliating 6-3 defeat at the hands of Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. The result saw City closing the gap with the Gunners to just three points at the top of the table.


It was indeed a frustrating afternoon for Arsenal fans and the players. After the final whistle was blown a dejected Mesut Ozil was seen walking off the pitch all alone, until he was checked by his German national team-mate Per Mertesacker.

The German defender reminded him of his duty to respect the away fans and shouted at him for ignoring the Arsenal fans. Indeed, that was a leadership attitude shown by the towering defender but many feels instead of hollering at him publicly (though could have done out of emotion) Mertesacker should have politely told him in the dressing room.

Check Mertesacker’s reaction in the video below

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Comments (2)

  1. Fair play Per! Even though we lost, it’s great to see the passion and leadership there! Should respect the away fans always! The real fans! They came all that way and we got beat by a very good citeh team (which is no shame) but I could still hear the Arsenal away fans right til the end of the game!
    So too right that anyone not showing them the respect they deserve should be told off by the captain! Tony Adams would’ve done the same!
    Doesn’t matter if you’re a £42.5 million superstar! Or an 18yo kid!

  2. ‘Mertesacker should have politely told him in the dressing room.’ – That’s whats wrong with the game.
    Mertesacker was spot-on. Football is a completely different Eco-system from that outside of it, these guys don’t tread on egg-shells in an office environment worrying about office politics.

    Football matches and leagues aren’t won by having ‘polite words’ in the dressing room and alienating your fans…