PHOTO: Stats clearly show Moyes is still an Everton manager

PHOTO: Stats clearly show Moyes is still an Everton manager


There is hardly anything left to say about David Moyes that has not been told or written elsewhere in the media.


Manchester United have had a disastrous campaign so far. They are seventh in the Premier League, out of all domestic competitions, and their fate in Europe is also hanging in the balance.

Under Moyes, United suffered some embarrassing ‘firsts’ in the league, including:

  • First home loss to West Brom since 1978
  • First home loss to Newcastle since 1972
  • First home defeat to Everton since 1992
  • First ever home defeat to Swansea City
  • First league defeat to Stoke City since 1984

Below, we can see a stunning group of stats, focusing on Moyes’ performance in the last two seasons. Bar one less goal conceded for United, the Scot has overseen a statistically identical 29 games, back to back! We here at Soccerlens are just flabbergasted.


Moyes is on thin ice, that’s for sure. Would he survive an embarrassing result against Olympiakos? Or would that be the final straw?

What do you think? Give him time, or get him out? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. It is a forgone conclusion that DM is not the man to lead MU. Decision should have been made earlier to show him the exit door. He will not only loose games but also spend extravagantly without any clues what kind of team is forging. He can have the world best players in every pisitions on the field but his incompetency and mediocricity will not make the team win trophies. Sack him without any delay b

  2. Its heartbreaking to still see clueless DM as manunited manager.united shud not only sack him but imprison him too,for accepting sth he cannot do and also refusing to resign on his own and waiting to be sacked.He shud be sued for d demages he had caused for my dear club.Moyes incompetency and technically mediocrisy is there for a. Child of 2yrs to see.he has nothing left to do or show just sack him wt immediate alacrity.united 4eva

  3. As a Everton Fan

    This man took us from 17th to the champions League and then Europe most seasons… I was gutted when he left… But lets get this point out there…. Facts are United defence have been shit for a while ….. Midfield Average …. Now that’s it’s not fergie the players will not even try for him…..
    Ferguson may have united top of the league.. but it’s only because of the man he was because united have been shit for a while…… Moyes lad you will turn them around you are better then the egotistical Twats at united

  4. He should get the rest Of the season as its all but over for utd then get Him gone ,the utd job is just to big For him.

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