PHOTO: Mario Balotelli arrives at Melwood for medical

PHOTO: Mario Balotelli arrives at Melwood for medical



Liverpool are close to completing the signing of Italy striker Mario Balotelli.

The AC Milan striker has arrived at Melwood (photo courtesy Liverpool Echo) and will undergo a medical.

Liverpool have agreed a £16m deal for him and the former Manchester City striker is expected to sign a five-year-deal, earning around £110k wages per week.

He will become the ninth major signing of the season for the Reds. Here’s another picture of Balotelli arriving at Melwood.

Photo courtesy: @StefanoHairon
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  1. balloteli is a good striker bt he cant be compared wth saurez,im of d opunion dat radmel falcao be brought in to liverpoolfc as a major strike if we real need to compete for title

  2. Liverpool had tried to buy falcao but he doesn’t want to come to liverpool. I think balloteli is not that bad, he still better than carvani.

  3. Balotelli is not a t all same kind of striker/winger as Luis. Especially his work rate is no good, that was always one of Luis main strenths… Cavani would replicate that much better I think, he is a world class player. Still, Balotelli has great potential and is a steal at the price.

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