PHOTO: Arsenal fans demand ‘Wenger Out’

PHOTO: Arsenal fans demand ‘Wenger Out’


It is all going horribly wrong for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. They were top of the league in January but now top-four finish has come under intense threat, after they suffered a heavy 3-0 defeat at the hands of Everton yesterday.


Critics were always divided on their opinions regarding Wenger. But, Arsenal fans have kept their faith on Wenger, time and time again, showing full support to the man, who gave this club so much.

However, with the same cycle repeating again and again, it feels like the club is at stagnation under Wenger.

Wenger has also admitted this time that his team lacks mental fortitude, while claimed yesterday that his team has no confidence left in them. The Frenchman even admitted that finishing in top four will be difficult for them now.

We have seen all these years, Arsenal fans proudly flaunting the banner – ‘In Arsene We Trust’, now, fans are gradually losing their patience.



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  1. I cannot watch anymore it hurts to much we cannot even think about league titles when you get 20 goals put passed you by the teams we have to beat to stay in contention arsene was once a great manager and has done wonders for arsenal but know something has gone horribly wrong totally out of touch with the modern game it’s time for arsene to move on before arsenal are lost forever it’s time for arsenal to think of the suffering fans who pay there hard earned cash only to suffer humiliation like the one at Everton yesterday , the whole team looked tired no creative flair no leadership and no manager as for the fa cup we better get ready for another humiliation as Wigan must be tasting blood after the shambles at Everton…arsene you have got to go!!!!!!!

    • you people watch football but you obviously dont see whats in front of you man city have full squad liverpool less games chelsea full squad liverpool without squaurez sturridge sterling henderson johnson skirtel where would they be arsenal are without ramsey walcott wiltshere ozil gibbs koschelny there best players wake up to what is realty

    • I hate the Rotten Arsene Wenger for a lot of reasons these days, but above all for the fact that he becomes so coward against coaches like mourinho, and generally when playing against all the top clubs. He becomes totally confused and our of Ideas. we, the fans, were really patient for him, but Now it is time for him to get sacked to save this Club, and we need to act now before it is too late to fix things please, this is the right Time. He has left us really shy after all the Top-clash ignominies. He has Changed every Great player into someone who has lost confidence, he has much affected the wining mentality of our very good players, and has successfully established a team with no any leader in the pitch. Let’s plz save the Players, the fans, and the beautiful Club, beloved Fans!!!

  2. We need a complete change at the top kronke does not care about the club maybe if we fail to qualify for cl then he might sell to usmanov and we need to replace Wenger but it has to be a proven winner as much as i loved bergkamp viera ect they need to prove themselves first

    • V Liverpool a win and a loss
      V man City a draw and a loss
      V chelsea a draw and a loss
      V everton a draw and a loss
      V united a draw and a loss

      That is 7 points from a possible 30 against the teams in the top 6. That alone should be enough to send him on his way,

  3. Its to bad for Wenger to lose his supporters at Arsenal club,but let’s wait and see until league games finished,because if Arsenal & Man utd fail to finish league in top 4 means big disaster.

    • Yes, am fans of arsenal but known am hetting wenger,becouse he klil the gunners, wenger go go go go go,we get better manager.

  4. tactically inept! can’t motivate players! has favoritism! still rewards mediocrity like monreal playing after costing us numerous games. ..same to giroud. replicates! mistakes without learning from them! his time was up along time ago, no more excuses! He still can’t make use of the team and it’s diversity so rubbish injuries cause we still had heavy defeats with strong squads this season! A season he couldn’t capitalize on! not even the FA Cup warrants him a stay.We need to get rid of his cycles. …Wenger Out!!!!!

  5. What has happened to Arsenal players. I might blame Wenger, but the people humiliating us are the players. Arteta is very temperamental these days. Giroud is totally a disgrace. Why not play Bentner. He is more industrious than Giroud. And then, Sagna!! Losing balls in dangerous positions,………

    I think we need some spirit in players. You cannot concede a goal each time there is a counter attack!

    • No need to blame players, it is Wenger who bought them, if they are not good enough then it is wenger to blame. our fullbacks are always told to attack and that’s why we concede too many goals when counter attacked, again blame wenger for his tactics. wenger out……..

    • blame wenger, he is a squad killer. arteta is naturally an attacking midfielder but see what he has turn him to, he usrs hs players anyhow just like a primary school P.E. teacher dat will just put players in any position, today u see carzolavin d wingds, tomoro in midfield, he us clueless, he belongs to d late last century

  6. Fast tempo attacking football use to be associated with past Arsenal teams. Not anymore!

    We look slow, the passing game is totally negative, the turnover of possession is constant.

    Sadly the damage has been done when Wenger decided not to buy a top notch striker and a couple of defensive backs in the last transfer window.

    Another two years of Wenger being in charge will only bring more misery and whoever they find as a new Manager in future, will have a massive job of repairing the damage, which will take at least 3 years to rectify.

    The Arsenal board have a lot to answer for this current situation.

    • The directors love Wenger, if that is the case give him a directorship position and bring a new Manager. We need to sell about 11 or more players and bring 11 top class players. Preference should be about 5 defenders 2 midfielders 2 wingers and 2 strikers. Most of the players to remain should be back ups.

      There are a lot of good players within Premier League if you buy from various clubs such as Southampton, stock city, west ham, everton etc who are very good than our squad and can not cost us much. With 150m pounds generated from sale of our players and from budget can make this team make wonders next year. Bringing many players from out of PL can cost us,will take long time to cope. I am Arsenal fan from Tanzania, East Africa

    • u are perfectly correct, the team lacks pace, they pass without movt, smtimes wen they av a chance to break they pass nd pass ndcpass until the opposition av 11nen behind the ball, they then try to work their way wrn all roads are blocked, look at what a 39yrs old is doin in liverpool, time up

    • surely agree with you quit wenger today is a big problem arsenal should better learn from man utd managerial change

      • Forget about man u problem,what difference does it make anyway.Lets get a new manager even if it will take him 2 years to get us result

  7. pls Wenger i wish u can see this you are mad foolish 9years without any tin imagine playing for 39 cup cant even get one you are a loser my man get out we want u out we need another manager board i hate u too spend this fucking money and again fuck giroud or wat ever is name is foolish player not good at all am better than him Wenger pls get out goooooo we dont want u again thanks

  8. If Arsenal plays with all players available Arsenal is one of the best. But Arsenal’s 4 or 5 best players are really a injury prone players can play only half of the season. And no depth in the squad to replace first team players.

    What more we are expecting from this team. Every year same problem, injury, injury, injury……. Why it is happening again and again. Because Wenger and Arsenal doesn’t want to win anything.

    • my friend, no team av all his best playrrs always available, u must built a good squad of 25player of real men nt 11men nd 11boys, look at chelsea, in d numba 9 role dey av etoo, torres, ba, to d extent they even let lukaku go on loan, where was wenger wen chelsea was buy ba for only 8m pounds, he was offered this brazillian dat left ac milan for just 7m, he refuse, they are just milkin fans, they are capitalist only interested in profits, rememba wenger is first nd foremost an economist nd d ownet an AMERICAN

  9. Wenger is out of ideas and the current status of footballing world
    Why every players wenger places his eye on are from France, Are there not other better players in the world other than France?
    Wenger is a businessman, why can’t he gather his family members and relatives and starts his own club where fans’ interest are not respected. wenger is indiscipline before Arsenal club and fans
    Let him including Giroud and Abu Diaby following to his new club
    The board and shareholders are all dead, they need to be awaken by serious divorce, Let them watch Arsenal game alone

    They have failed to replace great players in the name Thiery H, Pires R, Patrick V, Gilberto S, Wiltord S, Adam T, Jen L’man,Seaman, Fabregas, Song A, Van P, Ljunberg, Kanu, Denis B, and many others

    Players that should be out of Arsenal are, GIROUD, DIABY, Arteta, Vermeleen, Bendtner,

    Players that can rescue Arsenal are Diego Costa, Song A, Fab, Tores, Falcao, name them

    Wenger is sloppy now

    Wenger please stop embarrassing Arsenal fans, the money club makes belongs to the fans, and if you want a club without fans, go find one in France, no such club in England and any other parts of the world except your own

    We must advocate for change

  10. In as much as I agree wenger’s time is up, I fink we all should take a closer look at Aben’s contribution dated 07/04/2014 @ 08:33… Its nothing but the truth.

  11. Wenger is just a loser…he keeps saying same thing every season…he has lost it tactically and he seems not able to put drive into the tired of this loses…#wenger out

  12. it is time to say good bye. you told as every year as you have quality players but the likes of your giroud are not enough for championship side

  13. I think wenger’s time is up. How long will we the arsenal fans continue to suffer psychologically every season. a season that promised so much at the begining..suffer humiliation later on. wenger could have made the difference and clinge the tittle if he had bought a striker during the January transfer window. well, we have trusted him for long but no dividend its time for a change. klopp and Martinez strong choice to re

  14. Wenger his not buy good striker in january transfer ,he difending Olivier Giroud like his father,go mr mky.

  15. Up gunners!pls let dis stupid man arsene wenger before is too late,9years witout trophy really bad.girould,varmelen,diaby,sagna,arteta,pls let them go.stupid wenger should quit his job

  16. We need a change,mr wenger must go along wit giroud,diaby,vameline,bentner,monreal,arteta,w.szeceny.enough is enough.we needs trophy pls

  17. as arsenal fan for more than 20yrs,i do respect wenger for what he has done to arsenal! but for now a getting tired of him to tell the truth!..because i do see for the time being he is unable to find proper solutions to even very glaring problems facing the club! our striking department, our midfield..our defense! all these department have short comings tat live with our club for years!

  18. i dont blame arsene wenger. i blame the emirate fans. They kept watching these below average players like they were real superstars. arsenal fans should abandon the emirate stadium for the remaining home games and wenger will be out.

    • OMG,I like this contribution from dayotemi.Blame fans for wasting there hard earn money on below average players package by Mr wenger or what is his name self.
      Corruption is number one enemy of Arsenal perpetrated by Mr Wenger in favoritism and Nepotism because if you are not a Frenchman ,you are not qualify to play for Arsenal,Alas which great club Manager in the whole world does this thing and get away with it.Fans should stop spending their hard earned money on watching an under performed players like Giroud,Arteta,Sagna,Monreal,W Sesny(Keeper),Vermalen,Sanogo etc and let us see whether the Board will not pursue Mr Wenger.
      As for me I am tired of Wenger making use of school boys to face professionals.

  19. Let’s all chill out till the end of the season we need to get right behind the team to finish 4th and to lift the FA CUP which is a start. The problem with Wenger is the transfer market and hopefully he will make all the right signings this summer.

  20. I totally agree to the fact that wenger has failed consistently and this has shown that he has lost touch with modern day coaching.from the players he has brought in recently,apart from ozil,talking bout the likes of monreal,sanogo and kallstrom,it shows clearly that he does not even know how to buy rightly in the market again.I strongly recommend that arsenal fans should boycott one home match of arsenal to tell the board that the club belongs to the fans and not to them.wenger out

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