PHOTO: Andre Schurrle with the hat-trick ball

PHOTO: Andre Schurrle with the hat-trick ball

Andre Schurrle

Andre Schurrle

Chelsea consolidated the top spot in the Barclays Premier League as they earned a 3-1 victory over Fulham at the Craven Cottage on Saturday.

Andre Schurrle, who has appeared mostly as sub this season (12 subs, 8 starts) scored his first hat-trick for the Blues. After the match, the Germany international took Instagram to post a picture of him holding the hat-trick ball.

He left the following message: “Love this ball:)) 3 important points!! Thanks for your support!! #blues”.

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  1. Blues you are the best in the world, welldone MOURINHO,SHURRLE,OSCAR,TORRES and the greatest HAZARD

  2. THX SCHURLEno surprise you are one of the best. JOSE need give him more playing time. UP BLUESSS

  3. well taken goals but somehow selfish in not given oscar on chance dat was clear 2 corner ………..

  4. keep it up, this what I said about Hazard out of thee goal, he asist two. more over, Andrew can striek as stieker. In Germay Andrew is a strieker why mo not let him be Chelsea strieker or convert him to strieker.

  5. nice goals schurrle,jose d only one dis guy really need more tym to showcase his scoring abilities

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