PHOTO: Player’s Agents in Italy to complete Chelsea transfer

PHOTO: Player’s Agents in Italy to complete Chelsea transfer


It seems like Fernando Torres is set to leave Chelsea this summer on a season long loan. The Spanish striker, who was a phenomenal hit during his time at Liverpool couldn’t live up to the expectations since joining Chelsea in the January transfer window of 2011.

Recently, reports circulated that Serie A giants AC Milan were in talks with Chelsea over the possible transfer of Fernando Torres on loan.

TMW reported that agents of Torres were in Italy and they were confident of sealing this deal for the Spaniard.

Now we have pictures of Torres’ agents in Italy, posted by AC Milan news:


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  1. I imagine Chelsea supporters will globally cheer when/IF the transfer goes through. Even if it is only on a loan basis.
    You can imagine Chelsea has spent a small fortune with sports psychologists trying to figure out just what the problem is with him. Hes a fit lad and his work rate is good. And I gave him about 4 MoTM awards when I saw him last year but he cant keep is form and cant find the goal.
    Hes had so many chances to prove himself and not taken advantage of them. Think about it. His job as a striker is to score goals and hes scored 20 in 110 gaames compared to say someone like Eden Hazard who isnt a striker but scored 24 goals in only 70 games.
    He must himself wonder whats going on. Look at some of the awful shots on open goals hes missed.
    But Chelseas in a bad situation with him. He is paid such a high wage nobody wants to gamble on him plus hes got a ridiculous high buy out clause its like throwing good money after bad. And Torres knows they need a 2nd striker so badly hes got them over a barrel he knows theyve got to come up with £17 mill just to get rid of him so all he needs to do is turn up to train.
    Even if you dont like Chelsea you would hate to have that white elephant playing for you.

  2. José,we need one/two strikers immediately(before the end of transfer window closes).Please!!!!!

  3. D E S T R O should be on the plane already.Torres is out already(Thank God),I’m Nigerian but I hope we sell mikel too.

  4. Why do we not look at getting Pato in instead, I think he would be great for Chelsea and the premiership. He already has his Brazilian team mates at Chelsea Oscar, Ramires, Willian, Phillip Luis, both Piazon, and Wallace are out on loan. He would feel home and with Jose being Portuguse he would do really well. I am so supprised no premiership club has looked at him during this transfer window. Pato is a Jose type player box to box striker, he’s strong a good dribbler and goals and spectacular ones to.
    Cfc for Life!!

  5. Thank gods of football for rubbish torres as he have gone with his problem.He culminated costa injury to make him self remain in chelsea. But God says noooooo

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