Perez dreams of Galácticos return to the Bernabéu

Perez dreams of Galácticos return to the Bernabéu


Former Real Madrid player Steve McManaman called it the “Disneyfication of Real Madrid”; others scoffed at the idea as a bad science experiment gone wrong. If there was ever a time where football was at its peak of absurdity, this was most definitely the time.

Los Galacticos. The mere mention of the two words together conjure up memories of watching some of the world’s great names in the sport — Beckham, Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo and Owen — stepping onto the same pitch wearing the same kit and playing together in a match that wasn’t a friendly for charity. For the first time ever Real Madrid had bought the greatest names in the world to form the biggest mega-power on and off the pitch that we’ve ever seen.

Florentino Perez, who was the president at the time, built the team with the intent of making the club the biggest “brand” on the planet. The idea worked; it’s just too bad the lack of consistency on the pitch didn’t match the money Madrid was making off it. In 2006 Perez was ousted at Madrid to never come back.

The Galácticos era was officially over — or so we thought.

With the lack of success recently at Real Madrid, a decision was made to bring in a new president to turn things around. What Real Madrid needed was a spark; someone who could come in and bring the club back to respectability.

Enter Florentino Perez. The former president, who was was forced to step down in 2006, has decided that he’s seen enough of Barcelona at the top of the table. So earlier today Perez did something that could back into the good graces of the Madrid faithful: he entered his name in the elections and promised a return to the Galácticos era if given the chance.

“I know that the status of the club is precarious and is a challenge and I should not have left without having assured that there was the stability that Real Madrid needed,” Perez said to a packed press conference earlier today.

Rumours are that Perez will announce in the coming days who his transfer targets would be for the summer if he won the election. And with the likes of Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez, Milan’s Kaka, Arsenal’s Cesc Fábregas, Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribéry and Valencia’s David Villa floating around, there’s a very good chance that if Perez was elected president, that we could see the start of a new Galácticos era.

And who would manage such a club? When asked to confirm if Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger or Inter’s Jose Mourinho were on his list, Perez said coyly, “They are great managers.”

Real Madrid’s election are on June 14th, but if today’s conference was a sign of things to come, then chances are pretty good that we’ll see some more fireworks from Perez over the next month.

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  1. Im a die hard MUFC fan, but i also love football and it saddens me to see a club like Real performing the way they are. I hope Mr Perez becomes president, but hope he takes a slightly more practical approach to ensure long term benefits as well as short term success both on and off the pitch.
    I believe the most important decision is not who the marquee signing is going to be, but who is the man to lead the team, control the eventual big egos that will arrive and play attractive yet succesfull football.
    In terms of the team, an big signing of an attacking player is required for the fans morale and to boost the clubs image, but the team needs to be strengthened from the ground up. ie: reinforce defence and midfield before completing the attack.
    Perez is going to promise a big name player and will likely deliver, i do however hope that Real will be able to sign a top quality left back (Lahm/Clichy) an experienced centre back to replace Canavaro. They also need to sign a creative midfielder (Alonso/Fabregas) to partner Lass in the middle, as it is in this area that they look seriously under par against current european super powers. Whoever the big name signing will be, the attack should be balanced, and consist of a skilfull creative attacker (Ribery/Silva/kaka), a direct pacy play maker (Ronaldo/Valencia) and some one to play behind Higuain or KJH who could inject abit of tenacity and drive into the team (tevez).
    People might look at my suggestions of players and laugh it off as fantasy as acquiring these players would simply be too expensive, but with the expected clear out of big names such as Sneider, Robben, Dreanthe, Diarra, vd Vaart, v Nistelrooy, etc, combined with the ambition of Mr Perez… nothings impossible

  2. while everyone(including us madridistas) remembers the galacticos era as a complete snafu nowadays,there is one good point worth remembering. before they sold makelele to the moneybags, madrid’s galacticos played some of the best football ever seen. it was completely out of this world. those who are doubting this, go and see the quarterfinals of the 2003 cl.real madrid vs manutd.

    things when wrong when perez decided to try and do everything himself. and when we signed beckham instead of ronaldinho. instead of too many cooks spoiling the broth, it was one cook spoiling too many broths by making them all himself. but one thing that cant be denied. in the transfer market,atleast for the biggies, florentino was the master. pulling luis figo from barcelona has to be one of the greatest tranfer coups ever done (the greatest would be us stealing di stefano from under the cules’ noses).

    more than perez,its the team he is bringing with him that is exciting. jorge valdano is very highly regarded and respected. as is monchi,whom perez is trying to lure away from sevilla to fix the screwjob done by predrag mijatobitch. and zinedine zidane. and el buitre. we can be sure of atleast one thing with these gents. they are ours through and through. white to the exciting times are ahead. and if he has learned his lessons then the good times are gonna roll.

  3. SJn,Robben and RVN should not go!

    1)Despite having a bad season,there is no doubt in my mind that sjneider is the most talented dutch player right now.
    2)Robben currently provides the only spark for Real Madrid
    3)How much of Madrid’s troubles this season have been because of RVN’s injury?

  4. Yes, the galacticos had their moments, but they were undone by taking their mission to absurd extremes. When they said it would be “the Zidanes and the Pavons” it was somewhat dependent on the Pavons being very good. As mentioned above, selling Makelele was insane. With moderation, the policy could be very effective, but it’s dependent on a good AND suitable manager (forget Wenger – this is Mourinho territory), as well as a bit of common sense on spending on the rest of the side.

    However, one factor against Madrid this time around is that the game has moved on. The EPL is financially stronger (well, debatable, but it somehow finds the money for the big transfers and wages), and South American players no longer look at Spain and Italy as the sole major European leagues to join, so Real can’t have such easy access to the biggest stars from this part of the world. I

    Anyway, for the record it’s not as if the galacticos project was wholly abandoned anyway – look at the attempts to prise Ronaldo away from Manchester United – much of the same transfer behaviour and targeting as under the Perez era.

    Whatever the result of the elections, there’s already a frightening amount of rumours going around. We’re doing our best to dismantle them at Sport without Spin, but we’re very much swimming against the tide!

  5. @ realrock – you’ve hit the nail on the head. If perez can keep his ego in check and let his mates like valdano, butregueno and zidane do their jobs, Real will be a major force again in world football sooner rather than later. Valdano in particular – he’s a dude I trust and when he speaks, people listen.

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