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Paul Pogba signs for Chelsea, albeit on FM


France moved into the next phase of the World cup after they humiliated Switzerland 5-2 in their last game. Paul Pogba came on as a substitute in the match and provided a delicious assist for Karim Benzema’s goal.

On the plane back to Ribeiro Preto, the Juventus midfielder was seen playing Football Manager, where he placed himself in the middle of the pitch alongside Chelsea’s Frank Lampard in a match against Arsenal.


While it was just a game, but it will only add speculations about his future. The 21-year-old former Manchester United midfielder has established himself into one of the finest midfielders in the world at the moment. And there are several European heavy weights vying for his signature including the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United.

While Juventus have shown no inclination to sell their precious asset, the Bianconeri might to tempted to do any business, should an offer of €45m-€50m is put on the table.

Does it show Pogba has a soft desire to play for Chelsea? Or are media speculating too far here?

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Comments (29)

  1. This is speculation, if I would a footballer I’d sign myself to all the teams I manage on Football Manager. I would like him at United or Real Madrid NOT CHELSEA

  2. sorry was not would

  3. That not true blue football is going to fit him welll

  4. this will be best signing I. this summer transfer market

  5. Jack peers or wat ever u calld ur name go to hell and burn to fucking paper nonsence.

  6. Those MAN UTD FANS making noise, which team sold him out to JUVE. You can’t manage a player of his calibre, so he deserve CHELSEA or R. MADRID

  7. I think he is a play maker and can also fit in chelsea

  8. Just to hell and burn to fucking ground pepper @ fucking jack

  9. I think pogba is a very talented player so he can play @ any team in D world not minding if is chelsea or man united! United for life.

  10. Chelsea need strikers

  11. Pogba is a player who deserves premier league football at Stanford bridge. He has has to move now i think.

  12. he is fit to be a chelsea player..he has all the qualities needed in the bridge

  13. We chelsea fans we need natural striker

  14. Anybody speak english ? Because you sure can’t write it. You really are the clueless generation.

  15. I think Mourinho love d midfielder & he Pogba should come 2 chelsea. Blues 4 life.

  16. i like pogba

  17. OH my GOD!. I can’t wait to c him in chelsea.

  18. I can see how he really need chelsea fc, it will be a great addition to the team. Pogba we at chelsea loves u

  19. POGBA can’t Go back 2 MAN U..they mistreated him when he was them..Chelsea is his Next distenation

  20. It’s all transfer speculation the player himself has his concentration at the world cup

  21. I think pogba will be perfect fit for chelsea

  22. Virtually every young player wants to play for chelsea fc especially under boss jose mourinho. After all, united was the club that rejected him initially. So if i were pogba i would rather go to cfc than m united.

  23. Even with out him were going to have a very scary team for anyone to come up againts. With him we will be unstoppable. Chelsea to dominate next season!

  24. paul pogba it will be good to go at chelsea your choice it will be cool

  25. i quite agree pogban is good player and it will be on the positive side if added to chelseafc.