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  1. Foreigners and English Football

    Looking forward to next season’s title race, my Arsenal-fan cousin swears that his team are in with a shout. I take his claims like I do my chips, with a pinch of salt. “They need a big man in the …

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  2. Athletic Bilbao and ‘Cantera’

    Chances are that if you’re in the pub with your friends and the inevitable topic of football is discussed, and perhaps less inevitably Spanish football is mentioned (unless it’s a dig at Real Madrid), then Athletic Club Bilbao will not …

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  3. PES 2009 Cheats & Unlockables

    While there are no button bashing specific cheats for PES 2009, this list will give you an indication of all the unlockables available on the game that are just waiting for you to…well unlock ofcourse!

  4. Southampton sold to Markus Liebherr

    Southampon FC has been sold to DMWSL613 Limited (owned by Swiss national Markus Liebherr) for an undisclosed sum (reportedly £12.5m). Markus Liebherr also owns and controls the Swiss-based Mali Group, which consists of five companies engaged in technologically advanced engineering. …

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  5. Nikoleta Lozanova – Run Nikolay Run!

    The Playmate Nikoleta Lozanova now dates a Bulgarian mob Godfather. Before him, she used to go out with the Liverpool’s on-loan shot stopper Nikolay Mihaylov (FC Twente on loan from Liverpool, Bulgaria). Probably out of jealousy, Nikolay told the press …

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  6. PES 2009 Tricks

    If you’re almost the finished article when it comes to your playing abilities on PES 2009 or even if you’re simply terrible at the game and need some advice on little moves that may help you improve then this article …

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