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  1. We Ate All The Pies: How Football Swallowed Britain Whole

    Author John Nicholson has a problem – the kind of which, should it concern methamphetamine or alcohol, would probably have seen him forced to attend bi-weekly, court-ordered rehab sessions by now. It becomes quickly apparent whilst reading We Ate All The Pies that he is utterly, rabidly and cripplingly addicted to football along with all of it’s many facets and foibles.

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  2. Is Messi The World’s Fastest Footballer?

    With today’s footballing technology improving at exponential rates, it’s not hard to make the connection between football boot and player. It seems that for the top players in the world, the boots they wear are designed for them specifically and …

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  3. Do Footballers Deserve Privacy?

    With Wayne Rooney being plastered on every British daily over the past week, he has now sent out a request for privacy during this difficult time with his wife. This is reminiscent of the treatment that Tiger Woods requested following …

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  4. Which London Team Will Messi Play For?

    Subscribe to Soccerlens on Facebook to get the latest updates on Messi’s race through London. Adidas is bringing Lionel Messi, the world’s fastest player, to London! Once he’s there, he’ll be taking part in a massive city-wide game of ‘Catch …

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  5. Dumbest Goalkeeper Ever?

    I wonder what his team-mates would have said to him afterwards. I’m guessing he’s not going to take his eyes off the ball anytime soon

  6. Copa Football Fall Collection + Interview

    The Dutch were the inventors of total football, a footballing philosophy that stood the test of time and makes today’s football ever so attractive. While we’re used to see great football from Holland, there are some football brands from the …

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