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  1. The Natalia Rosas Muniz Gallery

    Natalia Rosas Muniz is the girl who helped Diego Maradona make Argentina qualify for the World Cup (more info here) Unfortunately, we couldn’t find many pictures of Natalia where she is wearing something. Here’s the loot:

  2. Grenoble finally off the mark

    What did UE Engordany of Andorra, FK Milano Kumanovo of Macedonia, Ankaraspor of Turkey and Grenoble of France had in common before last Sunday? They were all teams from European top divisions, who hadn’t picked up a single point so …

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  3. The Year of Revolution: the UEFA Wall Has Fallen

    The timing could never had been better. Precisely ten years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, another barrier in Europe is being taken down: the wall between the strong and the weak of European football; between the Champions League …

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  4. Katy Perry Gallery

    Katy Perry is Russell Brand’s girl. You’ve probably read about what happened at the Europe Music Awards (if you haven’t, go here: Katy Perry wears West Ham color underwear for Russell Brand). For those who don’t know about Russell Brand, …

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