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  1. World Football Challenge 2009

    It’s been a while (the 2004 US Tour, to be exact) since the United States last tasted a summer football event quite like World Football Challenge. This summer’s event will bring some of the biggest names in football together for …

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  2. What Can and Cannot be Gained From Pre-Season Friendlies

    After a summer of discussion, controversy and the dominance of Manchester City and Real Madrid in the transfer market, club football has finally returned to our lives albeit in a non-competitive format.

    Obviously after the seemingly endless summer break it is great to see your team back in action.

    However how much can we really gleam from these games, can any meaningful analysis be made into the results, players or tactics employed?

    This article looks at what we can and cannot gain from pre-season friendlies:

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  3. “Perry Boys Abroad” by Ian Hough

    People always say that, to understand how far we’ve come, you need to look in the past. Whilst that sentence probably sounds a bit cliché, it could surely be used in discussions regarding the evolution of the common Premier League …

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  4. Panthers and Shadows at Birmingham City

    Not since Agustin Delgado and Kleber Chala were at Southampton has a Premiership side had two Ecuadorians within their ranks. Birmingham’s recent signings of Christian Benitez and Giovanny Espinoza have struck keen interest amongst blues supporters. Delgado and Chala didn’t …

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