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  1. African Football Dreams, African Football Slavery

    FIFA president Sepp Blatter casually uses the term “slavery” in referring to the £ multi-million contract of Cristiano Ronaldo, who in turn “dreams” of leaving the greatest football club in the world to play in Madrid. Jean Claude Mbvoumin could …

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  2. Promoting Soccer in the USA

    Last week, Ahmed wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece on why Americans suck at soccer. I believe he enlisted seven points to back his claim — some based on truth whilst others said in jest. Of course, a lot of people thought …

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  3. Slavery in Soccer? I Don’t Think So

    It’s amusing how the term “slavery” gets thrown around these days. In November of 2003, Rasheed Wallace compared the NBA’s Zero-Tolerance policy concerning arguing with referees to slavery. “That’s retarded,” the eloquent Wallace opined. “In my mind, it’s kind of …

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  4. Italy 2008 Olympic Football Squad

    Italy are, along with Argentina and Brazil, one of the favourites to win a medal in the Olympic Football tournament this year. Italy Olympic Football squad for Beijing 2008: