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  1. MLS Power Rankings: Week 14

    7 games and much to think about. Week 14 highlighted the equality of MLS quite clearly. Each team receives 2.2 million dollars in cap space so naturally, teams will be relatively even. This was evident in Week 14. Six out …

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  2. Euro 2008 Review

    The show’s over folks, we can all get back to work. If you’ve missed anything, here’s a quick recap of our Euro 2008 coverage:

  3. 10 Things I hated about Euro 2008

    Or rather, 10 things I hated about the abysmal Euro 2008 coverage by the British media (online and TV). Football is a source of joy, but the buffoonery surrounding football can drive the viewer to the madhouse. Here’s a look …

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  4. The Euro 2008 Best XI

    It’s that time when we have to look at the performances of of all the players in Euro 2008 and select our team of the tournament. I know it’s subjective, but I’m going to pick mine and invite you to …

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