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  1. Pre-Season Football – Profits from Practice?

    Increasingly we’re seeing pre-season preparations forced to accommodate “brand-expansion” trips with Chelsea having traveled to the US and Liverpool to Asia in recent years (and United having traveled to both continents in the last 3 years).

  2. Taking Pride In Losing Money?

    An employee chooses to stay in a low-paying job with a small company with medium growth prospects, turning down a higher-paying job in a bigger firm with better chances of success. What do you suppose were the reasons behind his …

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  3. World Cup 2010 Going South?

    Hopefully you haven’t been ‘necklaced.’ In fact, if you are reading this, then you most certainly won’t have been. Necklacing is the horrendous act of placing a car tyre over a person’s body, dousing them with petrol and then setting …

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