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  1. US Football in Crisis? What Crisis?

    The 2008 edition of the European Championships was an unbridled success. The quality of play, the desire to compete by the participants on the field and the enthusiasm of the crowd were all of the highest order. A few weeks …

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  2. Nereida Gallardo – Photos

    Nereida Gallardo is smoking hot. Not in the pretty and hot Gemma Atkinson style, nor in the pretty and ‘tight’ Cheryl Cole style. In fact, you could say that Nereida isn’t the prettiest girl around and that she’s got some …

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  3. Are English Players Good Value For Money?

    Arsene Wenger has been criticised for his reluctant venture into English players. Does he have a point or is he just being anti-English? Let’s take a look at big money transfers involving English players in recent seasons: