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  1. How To Dive And Cheat

    An extensive video tutorial on how to emulate your favourite divers and cheaters in world football. Bonus – how to con the ref.

  2. Nani tries to be cool…and fails miserably

    Nani should learn from Dimitar Berbatov. As things stand, he’s not going to learn from anybody so we’ll just have to watch him try and hit a bullseye on a guy’s arse from a few feet away. Thank you adidas.

  3. Dimitar Berbatov is…The Godfather

    Dimitar Berbatov does a mean Godfather impression as part of adidas’s ‘Call The Shots‘ campaign, where fans are given control of the world’s best players.

  4. UEFA versus Real Madrid and Barcelona

    Uefa have initiated disciplinary cased against both Real Madrid and Barcelona in the aftermath of their diving contest Champions League semi-final clash on Wednesday. UEFA’s case against Real Madrid: The throwing of missiles, a pitch invasion, the red card shown …

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  5. The Strange Death of Brazilian Flair

    Ahead of tonight’s semi-final clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Real’s Brazilian left-back Marcelo has pointedly suggested that he prefers ‘to win and not play well’ over defeat. He sums up an increasing trend in Brazilian football away from the flair and ingenuity which made the golden shirt a symbol of The Beautiful Game’.

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