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  1. Serie A 07-08 Attendance Map

    The Serie A 08-09 season kicks off this weekend with a host of tasty fixtures (the highlight of the opening weekend being the Fiorentina v Juventus game on Sunday evening). Bill from has a map showing the 07/08 attendance …

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  2. Primera 07-08 Attendance Map

    The 08/09 Spanish Primera kicks off this weekend, a brief warmup before the international break for World Cup qualifiers. Bill Turianski does a nice preview of the season, looking at attendance figures from the 07/08 La Liga season.

  3. Would Henry ever play for Manchester United?

    There’s a story going around that Henry had a medical yesterday with a move to Manchester United on the cards. The story is bollocks, but the subsequent reaction to the story raised a couple of interesting points.

  4. Who can Arsene buy with 30m?

    Danny Fiszman is adamant that Arsenal’s finances are in rude health and there are plenty of funds available, all Wenger has to do is ask and they’ll be given to him. Apart from the ass-covering angle of this statement (blame …

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