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  1. Is the FA Cup Relevant to the Modern Game?

    However in the build up to the final the question that lingers across the country from Stamford Bridge corridors and internet message boards remains:

    ‘How important is it for Chelsea to win the FA Cup and do we really care?’

    This question reflects issues both inside the club and the general decline of the competition in the last ten years the competition has lost a lot of its prestige and in today’s global game it no longer seems to generate the interest and hype that it once did.

    This decline can be attributed to a number of interlinked factors revolving around the themes of Money, Globalisation or both a few of which I have explored in this article.

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  2. McBride on Fire as Chicago top MLS East

    The 14th Major League Soccer season has had something of a messy start. Of 74 matches played at the time of writing, 27 have resulted in draws. Matches are frequently turning on defensive errors and the officiating is once again …

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  3. The True Value of The “Champions” League

    “Ceux sont les meilleurs equips” “Die Meister, die Besten, les meilleurs equipes, the champions.” What UEFA has tried to do in the infamous CL anthem played before European nights, during European nights, and even during those new god-awful commercials played …

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