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  1. Everything that’s wrong about football

    This is followed on from yesterday’s piece on footballing myths. Last night’s BBC Panorama’s “revelations” on managers taking bribes are sadly nothing new. In fact, what we saw and heard (and in my case, read) was just a slice of …

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  2. Off The Record – Footballing Myths

    Today, 19th September, marks the 5-month anniversary of Soccerlens (yay!). In this short period of time writing about football I’ve come to realise that there are many myths perpetrated about football, clubs and players that go unchecked and affect are …

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  3. The G14 Mafioso — An Enemy Within

    Last week, I met up with an old friend after work for a quick beer or seven. During the discourse of the evening, he began to lament the change the Political Correctness movement has had on life on the Britannia …

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  4. Weekend Review: Portsmouth on top

    You know something is wrong with the world when you wake up hungover and depressed on Monday, and the day gets worse when you remember that Portsmouth is on the top of the Premiership table.

  5. What you should be reading…

    Everyone has been quoting from the Sunday Times interview of Roy Keane – in case you’re interested in reading the bloody interview itself, here’s the link: Roy Keane Sunday Times Interview

  6. Deconstructing Football’s Conspiracy Theorem

    (Note to the Soccerlens Massive: I was gonna keep stoom on this but, now the dust is settled, I thought I’d put my ha’penny’s in…) A rhetorical question: Can the existence of an organisation as decidedly iffy as Media Sports …

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