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  1. History of Football Boots

    The history of the football boot 1526: The earliest football boot is recorded as belonging to King Henry VIII 1800′s: Players wore hard, leather work boots, which were long laced and steel toe capped as the first football boots Late …

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  2. What’s More Important?

    A few questions for our readers – go through the list, pick your answers and share your thoughts in the comments: What do you value more as a football fan? 1. Winning the league or winning the cup (consider the …

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  3. Pre-Season Football – Profits from Practice?

    Increasingly we’re seeing pre-season preparations forced to accommodate “brand-expansion” trips with Chelsea having traveled to the US and Liverpool to Asia in recent years (and United having traveled to both continents in the last 3 years).

  4. Taking Pride In Losing Money?

    An employee chooses to stay in a low-paying job with a small company with medium growth prospects, turning down a higher-paying job in a bigger firm with better chances of success. What do you suppose were the reasons behind his …

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